Seven Months

Kiki sends in this nice bath-tub photo of her chest tattoo during pregnancy (tattoo done by Valerio at Evil Machine in Rome, Italy).

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29 thoughts on “Seven Months

  1. wow, such a lovely photo. I can’t help thinking how great her breasts look as well.

  2. Great tattoo, and photo. There’s something about pregnancy that’s just so beautiful.

  3. very beautiful! i am jealous of her skin and of her nice white tub (no matter how much i scrub mine doesn’t look like that)

  4. So beautiful.. The tattoo is gorgeous, the reflection on the water.. I can’t wait to be a mother. :D

  5. Pregnant tattooed women…

    it doesn’t get any hotter than that.

    Except maybe breastfeeding tattooed women. ;)

  6. pretty pregnancy belly! =] I love how the tattoo she has just flows with her body now that she is about to become a mother.

  7. i like the tattoo but for some reason pregnancy bothers me. not that i have a problem with this image, i just think i have some strange pregnancy-phobia.

  8. nice tattoo and all that, but i find this photograph repulsive. i hate pictures that don’t show the person’s face, and i don’t like this angle at all.

  9. she looks amazing for seven months along. actually, kind of looks amazing period 0 fetus or no fetus.

  10. Pregnancy is so lovely I would really appreciate seeing if there’s been any result on the tattoo in a few months I’ve always though carefully about tattoos where motherly stretches might occur! However I suppose any distortion of the tattoo would be a rather lovely step to turning it into something organic. What do other’s think? A ruined tattoo (not necessarily in this case) or a development into something more beautiful?

  11. all i have to say as a lactation consultant is she will have no problem getting her baby latched on. :) i wish my nips looked like that!!!!!!!! waaaaaaaaaa

  12. I’ve got a wreath of roses around my belly button, its been through two pregnancies and gone back to normal now – thankfully no stretchmarks – the belly button peircing was more troublesome and had to be taken out at around 4 months each time though.

    It was quite beautiful seeing the tatt swollen and at ‘full bloom’ at my bellys most swollen state. Wish Id had portraits done. :(

  13. If I could have one wish in life – it’d be to be Breast – Fed
    from those beautiful swollen nipples O O

  14. If I could have one wish in life – it’d be to be Breast – Fed from those Perfect Swollen Nipples 00

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