What do you do when your PA tears out?

Well, let’s rephrase that for the folks who are like, “cool, a free meatotomy” — what do you do when your PA tears out and you wish it hadn’t? I didn’t ask Chrom (from Hell in Prague) how it happened — he just writes, “bloody mishap!” — but you can see it here torn [1], being prepped for a re-stitch [2], stitching complete [3], and right after the stitches were removed [4].

25 thoughts on “What do you do when your PA tears out?

  1. Was the timing between the uninostril guy and this one deliberate? Try for some “worst thing ever” responses to the torn septum, then put this one up? 😀

  2. He must have snagged it jumping off the wardrobe:)
    Very neat stitch and heal job.

  3. I cant understand why people have such difficulty accepting cock mods, why are they fround at with omg and ouch? whats with all the “ouch” comments, don’t tatoos and piercings elswhere hurt at all? just because its a cock dos’nt automatically mean it hurts any more than els where!

  4. My personal “ouch” response is because it’s ripped out, not because it’s a cock mod. I had the same response to the scene in Punisher, even though they didn’t show anything (obviously). This is one feeling I hope I never have.

  5. And I agree with the other sentiment too. My nipples were significantly more painful than getting my frenum. Now, getting a skewer through a nut, I still imagine that hurting more than most anything else.

  6. now this interests me iv got a pa hole thats to shallow that id like swewn up,well im willing to do it myself.but because its healed would i have to make it an open wound before sewing it up?gimme an email if anyonesgot any insight.:)

  7. It looks to me like the piercing wasn’t even a well placed PA at all. It looks like the piercing was in the glans, way too close to the meatis. It should sit behind the glans. I wouldn’t be surprised if it actually migrated most of the way out before finally being completely ripped out.

  8. I think that looks cool 🙂

    I know it’s unlikely to be straight, but I like the -|-|-|- effect that stitches leave.

    From someone with an apadravya and an ampallang… it doesn’t hurt too much to be worked on down there.

  9. Am I the only one here wondering where the other end of the barbell is? I see one ball (not nut), no barbell, no cbr, …

    Am I missing somthing? Please tell me…

  10. Is it just me,or do those close ups look alot like those newborn ALIENS from the movie – you know – when they first pop out of the hosts body? Watch one of the ALIENS movies,and you’ll see what I mean!

  11. Nicely stiched…but i did a meatotomy myself and i am happy with it. Just with a razor…(dont try that at home)

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