37 thoughts on “Where do you keep your cellphone?

  1. Yes and there’s what appears to be a plate of fruit behind him, just a normal day hehe.

  2. He ought to send it to Nokia to see if they would like to use it in an advertising campaign.

  3. anyone ever licked a square battery?? i cant imagine what that would feel like if it was abit wet ouch stingy

  4. Well I’ve been trying to get a pocket put in my arm, but this would work for not ever losing my phone again. 😀

  5. at first i was concerned about the santitation of the phone, then i saw his yucky finger nails and decided he probably isn’t concerned so why should i be…

  6. when i saw this, i thought hey a phone in the cock, then i thought, thats gotta be like a 3315 (at least in that series), which makes it a quite large phone in the cock.

  7. I’m pretty sure I could do that with a smaller phone, but I’m using a Nokia N70 at the moment… I doubt it’d fit 🙂

  8. Foreskin I think…isn’t this a form of “docking” (which I’m told is more fun if it’s another’s cock you’ve got in your foreskin…)? One more reason to leave your kid uncut!

  9. whoa thats one old skool telephone.
    That whas the first thing that popped up in my mind
    the second thing that popped up whas that this picture really changes my perspective in phonesex and longdistance relationships

  10. I am never borrowing someone’s phone ever again. thank you shannon for the heads up..

  11. Its pretty easy if you have foreskin and a decent sized cock. I was toying with the idea of peircing mine and stretching it, but I think it would be too irritating.

  12. I am very interested in how that is achieved. Is a greater amount of depth and width possible? Where would the stretching tools be bought?

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