Um, how do you fit all that in your pants?

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18 thoughts on “Um, how do you fit all that in your pants?

  1. I’ve never understood scrotal stretching. Yes, I’ll preface this with the expected “If you like it, do what makes you happy” and I’m definitely not AGAINST it. But the truth is, my scrotum stretches more than enough on a hot day. The last thing I’m interested in is making myself MORE likely to sit on the damn things.

  2. oh yes! No one could POSSIBLY steal my penis while I am otherwise engaged! Oh no! That can never happen to me! I have the PENIS CLUB! ( $9.99 if you order now from K-TEL!) Lets see thieves stick a stolen penis into an unsuspecting snatch while the ingenious penis club is engaged!

    Wait…. stolen? Snatch? HA! I crack me up.

  3. I guess the first pic is a good example of what happens when you screw around on your girlfriend/wife. I can’t imagine any guy I know doing that…but it now makes me wonder just how many guys I know, secretly have something I DON’T know about going on down there. I’m going to start carrying a magnet to toss at unsuspecting men.

  4. There are some problems associated with this kind of stretching which can result in semen not being contained within the body during cold temperatures in the scrotum.

  5. Haha, I totally agree with #6 – I’ve sat on mine more than enough times as it is (unstretched).

    There is something strangely appealing about extra low-hangers, however…

  6. The one thing I never understand with whatever genital streching is… How do you wear pants afterwards?
    Women with giant vaginas, mens with giant testicles… What ever happened to walking down the street? I for one wouldn’t want a big lump of flesh defining my trouser-line.

  7. That’s scary. Definitely NOT my thing AT ALL. I’ll only go as far as tattooing and piercing in terms of genital mods.

  8. The funny thing is, the first thought I had was that he needed to get a new lock, because that one looks like one of the old-style U-locks that can be picked with a ball-point pen. I think that I might be getting just a little too jaded…

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