"Hooked On" Photoshoot

Photos by Matthew Taylor.

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26 thoughts on “"Hooked On" Photoshoot

  1. Hehe, better than the actual adverts.
    We studied them in media *saves file to case study*

  2. After the quit smoking ads I’m very glad to see some people doing it for real.

  3. i love how the GUYS look completely terrified/in pain but the girls just have this look like “are you finished yet?”

    very cool

  4. I wonder if magnets could be encapsulated in a tiny sac filled with saline, like a breast implant…

  5. Hey, those shot’s were taken by my friend Matthew Taylor, and i uploaded them to my IAM page, but i’m not called Matthew Taylor, lol.
    Any chance of getting this edited so that he gets his credit without it looking like i took the shots.

    Besides that, i’m the dude with the hook through the tongue-web, so i guess WOOHOO i got on ModBlog should sum up this post!

  6. Hey am matt the person that took the photo’s, just wanna say cheers for everyones positive toughs on the piks !! and just wanna say how amazing i think it is that they managed to get put on BME !!

    cheers u guys are amazin ! :D

  7. All of the piercings were healed already, health and safety at the college studio these were taken would have had a field day if any were fresh, i should think. We didn’t want to test that theory!
    All the hooks were about 14g, in well healed piercings at around the 10g range despite some of the agony looks in the shots, heh.

  8. yay! go matthew & sam! :-D I really enjoyed watching this, wish I coulda taken part…

  9. Those quit smoking ads made me think of BME too.
    And they also made me think i didn’t want to quit smoking. And that i wanted to suspend. (Though not as pictured in the ads)

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