24 thoughts on “Real gamers do it on the table

  1. How the hell does a GIRL with a Warhammer tattoo get two discrete comments? Are there no nerds on a section of the net devoted to tattoos and piercings?


  2. Must be fake, everyone knows there are no women to be found in the intertubes.

    Seriously though; more nerdy modded girls please.
    (more of general plea to the universe than a reqest for posts)

  3. ok 2+ save on my termi… oh great your random ass gaunt just killed my termi lord…

  4. Consider that I took this myself, kneeling in the bathroom besides the radiator where my camera was balanced on a pile of towels. From the blur on my glasses and necklace and the reflection of the flash on the tile, you can see that it’s not a very good photo and that the flash has washed my colour out a bit.

    The tattoo is a lot darker and clearer than it looks here, and I’m happy enough with the quality to be getting my second tattoo at the same place.

  5. Real-ass geek question:
    So, what Temple is it for? Callidus?

  6. Callidus, yep.
    I’ve never had a static appearance, and seem to change my looks with my mood. Just in the last five years I’ve had about eight different hair colous. Also, as a roleplayer, I play various different characters.
    When I saw some WH40k art of a Callidus Assassin with this crest on her shoulder, I knew I wanted mine too! XD

  7. I love 40k. But I have to say, this is not a very good looking tattoo. i don’t think the flash excuses it. The lines look very broken and blown out. This looks like it was done in a garage. Sorry, but it’s true. There are myriad better artists who could do a finer job translating or reimagining the fantastic artwork of the 41st millenium. Jes Goodwyn quality this not. Would be easy enough to cover up tho.

  8. All i have to say is… thats pro, callidus are prolly the most interesting of the Assassins as well. personally im still yet to decide on what im getting done as a tat, i do know it will be based off the Dark Angels chapter.

    interesting way to take the pic with the pile of towels thing 😛

    pro, peace out…

  9. callidus assasins are one of the most un-explored characters in the mighty 40k universe… i must say they are one of the coolest

    im suprised there arnt more requests to remove the hand.. le’sigh*

    anyways… im interested to see you wearing the tattoo in other photos, and pic of ur ‘changed appearances’ =)

    if u want an amazing callidus role-model to read about
    read The Inquisition War

    she plays a hardcore char… kinda like trinity in the matrix but ALOT more hardcore =D

  10. Beautiful tat and quite a beauty yourself! 😀 Love the Guard am a chaos player myself but that makes me want to start cadia 😛

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