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  1. Oh, come on – I dare say more than a couple of people will even be terribly embarrassed to discover others wearing the same ribbon!

  2. I’ve drempt of having a corset done for my fast approaching senior prom since I was a little girl, but unfortunatly with the hundreds (quite possibly reaching the thousand mark by June) of dollars I already have to shell out and the fact that here in Cape Breton Jwiz basically has a monopoly on the modscene meanin he can charge a rediculus amount of money for his time, it’s lookin like its not a dream that’s gonna come true =’(

  3. ^ Wondering this also.

    I wish I didn’t live in the U.K i’d love to go.

  4. Look like it would be a fun, couldn’t go though.
    What is the rule with BME events anyway, do you have to be an IAM member I mean?

  5. Shannon, ever considered a BME UK offshoot? Maybe Roo could do it?

    Just for things like a BMEfest UK or distribution of the shop items etc.

  6. TeaDream – You don’t have to be an IAM member but it’s a good idea because then you can take part in the forums, etc…

    Giles – Roo is here in Canada 🙂

  7. Aww! I wanna go! Stupid book tour maxing out the number of trips I can take in one year!

    Ah well, probably couldn’t find a dress I’d absolutely love anyway . . .

  8. Yeah, this was definately cute!
    Almost as cute as you and Kevin!

    Love youuu.

  9. I don’t think we really need an “official” BME branch in the UK, there’s already lots going on in the IAM community here – small and large suspension meets, big organised meets, small informal meets… Last year I think I went to about 6 suspension meets (in London and Norwich), at least 3 big pub meets (a couple in London and one in Nottingham), and countless ‘local’ meets organised via IAM.

  10. That guy looks exactly like someone in my child development class. Great corset.

  11. I am definitely going to do this for my wedding. I agree that it looks absolutely lovely. 🙂

  12. My high school has gone so far as to ban every last form of body modification.

    We aren’t allowed to show tattoos, have piercings besides the ears, and not allowed to have plugs or flesh tunnels.

    I’m going to press my luck eventually with some large pinchers, however.

    I’m currently at 10g, and most teachers haven’t said anything.

    My ears, they are so smaaaaaaall.

    Anyway, if I had the money to travel, I would SO go to modprom :]

  13. #35 think yourself lucky! When I was at school girls could not have overly short hair and boys couldn’t have long hair. If you were a girl, you could wear only one pair of sleepers/studs in the lobes and no other piercing jewellery. The boys could wear one stud/sleeper in one ear so long as it was covered with a plaster. And we are only going back 2 decades here!!

  14. If there’s enough of a demand I might consider coming up to do some corset work for modprom.
    Check out m IAM page for some of the corsets I’ve done. More pictures on Clubtattoo.com

    Hit me up if anyone is interested.

  15. For some reason, I think the dude looks like a hobbit.

    And for more off topic commentary, my friends and I stayed home and watched Carrie instead of going to our senior prom.

  16. tiff, what would the school do if the girl cut her hair to short?
    expel her? make her wear a wig?

  17. He’s got stunning eyes. And even from behind she seems so happy. Love it 🙂

  18. Would love to have that t-shirt – it’s beautiful! But that means it would be a $100 t-shirt, and nothing more, because alas I could never make it to Modprom. 🙁
    Release the shirt by itself I say!

  19. wow. nice. usually i’m not impressed by these, but i really like this!

  20. gosh i saw this pic a few months ago, and i LOVE them
    they’re sooo cute
    if i’m still into piercings and am going to my prom i think i’ll get a corset too.
    sooo jealous

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