Pierced nipples and freckles

An old photo (she has more mods now) of chr!st!na‘s horizontal nipple piercings done by Kevin Jump at Infinite in Philadelphia, PA. I have a total freckle fetish so I think in the playing the game of “what does your brain register first”, the piercings actually didn’t win for once!

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57 thoughts on “Pierced nipples and freckles

  1. I think the first thing that caught my attention were the eyes, definitely ! Nothing can beat blue eyes + black hair ^^

  2. I always try to cover my freckles with make-up, I always think they make me look dirty for some reason

    She looks beautiful with them though

  3. i think my brain registered her alltogether at once beautyful-bigblueeyed-blackhaired-againbeautyful-naked-pierced-girl

  4. Having lots of freckles makes me hate them! But it’s good to know that people out there are into that, Shannon!

    Cute tiny boobs.

  5. Gorgeous eyes.
    Looks a little young…
    And I love freckles…
    I have tons on my face but I cant stand them on me. They dont look right – so I cover them with make up [as with 7]

  6. first thing that I noticed was her mouth. Her top lip is so thin! The next thing was her ribcage, she must be really skinny.
    And then the freckles, so cute.

  7. Kevin is the best. So funny. As is Jen. Infinite is all around a great place.

  8. oh god, she looks so young! of all the things i ve seen on mod blog this is the most disturbing. she looks 14

  9. Oh, get the fuck over it. Sure, she looks a bit young. But you know for a fact that she’s over 18, so why make a big deal about it?

  10. of all the things i ve seen on mod blog this is the most disturbing. – Kelson

    Dood. your Idea of disturbing is skewed. She does look a little young, but hey! If that made you feel all squidgy inside, it’s just ‘cuzz you’d bone her like anyone else and you aren’t ok with that. Grass.Field.pierced nipples.play

  11. Gorgeous freckles
    Gorgeous eyes
    Gorgeous mods
    Gorgeous body

    just a Gorgeous girl in general

  12. I’m betting half the people that are saying she looks oh so young make that assumption based solely on her breast size.

    (And by the by, if this lovely lady is reading this, take no offense! I think your breasts look perfect :*((As well as the rest of you.))

  13. she looks a little too thin, but she has beautiful skin and gorgeous eyes and great nipple piercings…

  14. the fact i registered the contrast is up on the right photo first tells me im too much of a geek. also, i love her hairband. and the lip ring looks off center but looks really kewl.

  15. olá o meu nome é diogo machado e gostava de te conhecer
    tens uns mamilos lindos :P

  16. Jeez I think she’s beautiful. And her top lip looks so “thin” to whoever said that because of the angle the picture was taken at, aka a bit over her head, you know? So you’re looking down on the lip as opposed to it straight on. So leave her alone. She has BEAUTIFUL eyes, and her black hair makes me want to dye mine black!

  17. She looks like how I look on a VERY VERY good day… though I’m flattering myself there… make that a non-existent-ly good day…

    I want to cuddle her (the freckles) and sleep with her (everything else).

  18. the first thing i noticed was the cute headband, then her eyes, then lip ring, then nipple piercings then finnaly freakles lol

  19. Jen, I’ve seen her mouth straight on too from another picture. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, some people like thin lips, no need to get defensive about it.

  20. aw adorable. shes so young looking.
    infinite rules. hands down best piercing place in p.a. i would never go anywhere else. kevin and clay rock!

  21. Freckles are hot.
    Piercings are hot. (especially nipple piercings)
    You are hot

  22. This is sooo hot. I have a total freckle fetish. I am looking for others like me to share our common desire for the freckled female!

  23. She inspires poetry like no other. I love her freckles, and her eyes are a universe in their own. To kiss her would be a dream. Think what you want. I think shes beautiful. I wish I could talk to her in person.

  24. You are a bunch of pigs. This girl does not look above 14. Can I see some id?

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