42 thoughts on “Want to be the coolest kid at your school?

  1. Lol. I remember my first genital piercing, a DIY 14g lorum.

    I was NOT considered the ‘coolest’ kid @ school, in fact I’m pretty god damn sure that I copped a lot of shit for it for months.

    Maybe Australian schools are different. O_o. Either way, mad pic. I love the facial expressions.

  2. my friend just told me someone at his school got his done last week. he whipped his out for all to see, too.

  3. everyone at my school thinks i’m a bisexual perv with genital piercings..
    most people don’t even talk to me anymore since they found out..
    but well they’re not worth any minute of bad mood 😉

  4. *haha*
    maybe it was a contest…
    something to do with male maturity, girls and stuff 😉

  5. When I got my PA in college word spread so fast that people I didn’t even know were coming up to me at parties and asking to see it. Fun stuff!

  6. I DEFINITELY went to the wrong highschool.

    I think I got the right college though; I don’t know about the other faculties, but an awful lot of the pre-med students here have tattoos and piercings. Maybe I just haven’t been paying attention, but body modification seems to have gone from relatively taboo to relatively mainstream in the blink of an eye. About time though. You’d think our bodies would have been one of the very first battlefields for personal freedom, not one of the very last.

  7. I think I’m just going to the wrong schools because in high school I got stared at for having 10g lobes, and now at college I’m stared at for having 00g lobes, and don’t let it be cold and my nips get hard-awkward.

  8. Am I the only one thinking “Holding your penis like that has got to hurt?”
    I mean, he’s really pulling hard on it, isn’t he..?

  9. Well…If you look in the background they’re deffinatly playing beer-pong. I’m betting these are college age kids. Very drunk college age kids. 😀

  10. I like the “chain” of who’s looking at who. It reminds me of that one scene in Amelie. “there’s a baby looking at a dog looking at a chicken”

  11. word spread pretty fast around my high school when i got my nipples done. i live in the south so it’s pretty unacceptable here still.

    hell, the pictures that i had posted on this site got taken and spread around school. my life was hell by the end of senior year..but i really didn’t care.

  12. I guess im the only one happier about the guy smiling ang gesturing to his buddys balls than the ball percing itself… lol.. he just seems so damn happy to be that close to his friends sack .. its still cracking me up .. great pic !

  13. Joel meant that he went to an Australian school, and was talking about how schools in Australia wouldn’t see it that way. Being an Aussie myself I know exactly what he means. I definitely wasn’t seen as cool at my school for all the work I had, but then that was 15 years ago 😀

  14. Wow.
    I love the facial expressions.
    This picture made a very bad day, very happy.
    I love it.
    I wish people were like that with the mods I have.
    I need some smileing faces.
    All the scowls and confused faces get a little old after a while.
    But seriously I love their faces.

  15. Pretty fuckin limp.

    Is he worried that it might be a bit too ‘small’ so he is trying to make it look bigger by tugging on it?

    This is obviously the latest in “acceptable rebellion” for college kids just surprised that BME is endorsing it.

  16. Rachael, I find that most of the people on BMEzine are smiley 🙂 Though maybe more people attempt Myspace scowls when they’re taking pictures of their lip rings or nostril piercings, maybe 🙂 Someone with full BME access should catalog smiles across mod types!

    And Axis, really… does it matter to you how small he is or not? Try being infected with happiness from the cheesy grins in evidence here.

  17. i’m aussie too, and i never had any probs and that was round 15years ago too. i’m in bris tho, which isn’t (or at least, wasn’t) as yuppie as alot of the other cities (ie sydney and melbourne)!!

  18. Yeah I can see how that would have gone down at my high school:

    Pierced nut guy: “HEY GUYS! Check this out!”
    *pulls it out*
    *WHAM* *Pierced nut guy on the floor, bleeding*
    Principal: “We’re going to have to ask you to leave the school….And not come back”

  19. Numbah 16: you go to Kenyon too? You KNOW it’s a small world when multiple Kenyonites read Modblog.

  20. I probably would have stayed in school if there were more mod’d boys dropping trou on campus. Sigh!

  21. uh I don’t go around advertising my genital piercings so people will think I’m cool.. that opens myself up to a lot of pervs asking to see it.

  22. Oh, Summer Sendoff at Kenyon College. What a party. Whippin’ it out to show off a piercing is not terribly unexpected given the amount of alcohol consumed by the majority of students.

    Shoutout to fellow Kenyonites #15 and #30 (#36, are you one too?).

  23. that’s my first genital and my “secret piercing” at school too only like 5 kids know about it. life’s fun that way.

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