Scarred and Tattooed Moko

Samoan Pineapple already had a moko-style scarification (you can see the ridges and scarlines in the photos if you look carefully), and he recently had his entire face outlined by Justin Vickers at Golden Apple Studios in Austin, Texas.

Here’s how it looks now in it’s outlined state — I can’t wait to see it finished, it’s really gorgeous. I wish I could have made it to APP this year and seen it (and everyone) in person.

37 thoughts on “Scarred and Tattooed Moko

  1. It looked great in person, I wonder if he is going to leave the outline as is, or if he is going to raise his scares even further with another procedure. Is any of it going to be filled in?

  2. Facial tattoos are generally a bit intense for my tastes. But this looks bold and gorgeous.

  3. this is so great!
    what a great guy and excellent modification. im so happy to see this coming along for him. the year he had more cutting done, i got to meet him and he was such a nice person.

    congrats man!

  4. And y’know what the cool thing is? Having whakapapa Maori, SP can legitimately call it moko 🙂

  5. i want to give this man a hug. he looks so nice! but at the same time, i might not want to run into him in a dark alleyway.

  6. Fantastic work.

    Everything about it looks perfect, almost as if it would look wrong NOT to have tattoos. Difficult to explain but the Moko looks natural and organic

    First class modblog entry. Cheers Shannon

  7. “And y’know what the cool thing is? Having whakapapa Maori, SP can legitimately call it moko :)”

    That is cool, I’m not sure about traditional facial moko on those who can’t claim Maori whakapapa (genealogy for those of you not living in New Zealand) as the designs are full of tribal affiliation and meaning, not just pretty swirly designs.

    Suits his face real well, a very hansome man, although I’m not sure how traditional the design is? The scarification is FAB!

  8. The photos do it no justice. It is so beautiful and well done when you see it in person.

  9. Beautiful … It flows perfectly with his face.

    He looks pretty pissed off, though. 🙂

  10. omg! I think this is the guy that worked at a piercing shop on 6th street that I got a henna tattoo done at! it’s a small world…

  11. I love how the ink doesn’t upstage the scarification but rather accents it so gorgeously. Pineapple is a truly amazing artist and a beautiful human being. Te quiero mucho, carnal! Palabra!

  12. This is awesome work!

    I love the sly little in the third picture

  13. It looks like a coloring book! I want to whip out my sharpies right now and fill it in! Sounds like fun to me.

  14. he should get the negative space filled in with black, and the positive space would have the scars…

  15. I’m you’re typical “normal” guy, a few tatts here and there, nothing special, nothing extreme. But I am amazed at the beauty of people on this site, this guy just being one of the many. I’m thankful for people with different ideas on what’s beautiful and even more the people who are brave enough to do it.

  16. This is not a moko this man is samoan. moko is a maori word this mans tatoo looks like a maori inpired scrible

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