Hookspotting (continuing the IP violations meme)

As part of “BME week” (or whatever) that surrounds BMEfest at the end of June and start of July are a variety of events, including the Suspension School organized by Philip Barbosa (visit his IAM page for more detailse). The instructors are some of the best — the course is lead by Allen Falkner (suspension.org/TSD) and with backup from Emrys Yetz, Jill Allen, Jon Pett and Jason Shaw.

Anyway, people quite liked the event shirt that Phil designed, so we’ve put it up in BMEshop as a fundraiser as well. You can click through to get it… And the portrait of Robert Carlyle from Trainspotting was done by John Tilt of Body Art Studios in Stafford, UK.

Click through to get the shirt:


Choose to hang.

16 thoughts on “Hookspotting (continuing the IP violations meme)

  1. I saw this on Jared’s page a while back and really liked it. Thanks for making it available for anyone – I instantly ordered one!

  2. that’s great. they have posters with all different choose things, like choose college, choose weed, etc, and this makes it even betterr.

  3. The tattoo is awesome. Every time I see that movie, all I can think about is how I’ve known guys like that, and how totally annoying they are. It grates on me the whole time.

  4. @magician: Black? No way. First, the original is white. Second, this shirt would only be complete with some visible bloody post-suspension patches from the hook wounds – and that doesn’t work with black!

  5. Awesome shirt… is it too childish that I want a more explicit version? It seems to lose a little of the spirit of the original without all the fucks!

  6. ooh, i want one! would the youth large fit a girl? I don’t like the way girly shirts are cut (too short in the torso, annoying cap sleeves) but boys shirts are generally too big…

  7. I was wondering if the BME fest tshirt of this year was still on sell… I can’t find it anymore and I’m thinking either I’m dumb (very possible) or it might be out… :/

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