Five Way Vag-Tug Pentagram

I am very lucky I don’t live at Steve Truitt‘s house because I already have enough medical problems and don’t need to add priapism to the list. If you haven’t read it already, there’s an interview about the cat fight. Click to zoom…

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22 thoughts on “Five Way Vag-Tug Pentagram

  1. I wish I had some girlfriends who were into pulling, coz I have got to do that.

  2. #3, I totally didn’t see that one at first and now all I can think is “What if she stepped on by accident oh GOD OW.”

  3. …it bothers me that they’ve all got their pants down (atleast somewhat), but they’re all wearing shoes…0.0

  4. When is there gonna be a battle of the sexes??

    Vag vs. Cock pull.

    Depending on placement, I’ve got my money on vag.

  5. Absolutely love it.
    awww I’m so envious of that pull, I HAVE to do this too…

  6. that tug was way fun!!!! indeed!!!! and i want to do a battle vag vs weenie! and yes to number 13. that is the crop circle cutting!

  7. Whenever I see the vag-pulls, it makes my pubic mound hurt just thinking ab out it. Ow!

  8. My christina was the MOST PAINFUL thing i’ve experienced piercing wise. I can’t imagine doing a pull from it.
    that said, i think its incredibly hot

  9. twas fun but weird… looked like i had a little weenie poppin out! ha, oh ladies- love ya girls

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