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  1. Usually I can come up with a caption, but I am drawing a blank on this one….

  2. i think someone got very confused
    i dont have a clue, ‘shine that knob good’ or something. im so confused!

  3. the context of this pic is confusing… spoon in the ear, and attempting to drink out of the tap handle?

    i couldnt think of a caption for this if i tried.

  4. the quote from the matrix where dozer tells neo what the slimey sludge that they eat is….something like:

    its a synthetic protein combined with amino acids and essential vitamins. it has everything the body needs.

  5. isnt’t that the knob that turns the shower on? i dont’ think water comes out that… which makes the picture even more confusing

  6. actually it’s a sfoon
    spork is mostly fork with a little spoon
    sfoon is mostly spoon with a little fork
    THAT is a sfoon

  7. “Please relax and assume the position. Today’s ration of food and the news should be arriving momentarily.”

  8. #29, i noticed the chest bones too. then i thought maybe it was implants or something.. in any case, i don’t understand this picture. it just reeks of awkwardness.

  9. She’s transmitting & receiving information to the alien mother-ship…duh LOL XD

    But I really don’t know how you would put that into ‘caption terms’!

  10. OH WAIT! Even better:

    “It’s 10:00pm…do you know where your children are?”

  11. it looks like she’s trying to recreate a scene from the children’s book “eloise.”

  12. “what random objects can I assemble for a bme photoshoot and pretend that there was intention to them?”

  13. Not worried about the spork etc, but braces are hot. I just love them.

  14. Evidence of torture at Abu Ghraib Prison: Person being forced to give the water tap handle head while being laughed at by soldiers…

    Disclaimer: This is not a laughing matter, I know… Abuse and rape are not funny. I thought in this context it could be taken with a little sarcasm.

  15. “Soylent Green is people!!”

    (none of the rest of this makes any sense so why should the caption???…and yes those chest bones are creepy as fuck)

  16. Bad movie sequel – Saw 3 1/2:
    “Cut her with a rusty spork!”
    “Because it’ll hurt more, you twit!”

  17. # 19 “She just gave a new defenition to spooning…

    Posted by Xuesheng on June 8th, 2007 at 7:25 pm”

    Hahah More like “sporking”… or as someone else mentioned.. more like “sfooning”… hehe

    Seriously.. this picture is really.. lacking in logic.

  18. I’ve come to the conclusion that we may be looking too closely
    …the caption should read, “PEZ.”

    That’s right, it’s a hinged spine mod… right. lol.

    no really, i don’t get it.

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