34 thoughts on “Flerp Piercing

  1. my sister was born with a skin tag right next to her tragus, it looked like a second tragus and it was just perpendicular to the skin surface. when they removed it when she was a kid it ended up having a root on her skull!! they thought it might have been tumorous after that. hers was way cooler.

  2. sorry, my first reaction was also “eww”–and the name doesn’t really help (but maybe it sounds better in swedish). but way to go for turning something negative into something…new!

  3. haha. the word flerp makes me want to vomit. haha. kewl piercing though

  4. flerp flerp flerp flerp. i like it. piercing skin buddies makes me wish i had skin buddies to pierce. i don’t, which is also perfectly fine.

  5. If life gives you lemons, get used to it… and learn making lemonade from girl-scouts 🙂

  6. Very creative!

    I have keloids on a branding that still hurt almost two years later. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable this piercing was to get.

  7. The only thing they could have done which would be creepier than this would be to tattoo a little face on it.

  8. Why the long barbell?? Would look a lot better with something that fits snugly, no?

  9. hehe I am eating…
    *continues eating*
    growing up in a medical and military household,
    nothing phases me.

    I think we should name it the Ack! Piercing.
    Because that seems to be most people’s first reaction.

    Have an interesting body bit? why not stick some titanium through it?

  10. Jeez, what’s with all the pansies saying “ew”?? If you think THIS is gross, why the hell are you on modblog? For real.

    I had a skin flap that grew to the size of a nickel in a relatively strange location. I thought a number of times about piercing it. Then I finally had a dermatologist remove it.

  11. I wish could remember the technical name for a bump there. There is a name for it, I’ve known at least a couple people born with them. I think it’s a genetic trait.

  12. Is that really a keloid, and is it healed? From what I know about keloids, piercing one doesn’t seem so great. Wouldn’t that likely cause it to grow?

  13. In swedish the name does make some sense.

    The swedish word flerp or (rather flärp) litterally means a small flap or tab.

    Thought you’d like to know.

  14. i’ve got one of those skin tag thingies above my left tragus. my tragus below is pierced but the skin tag’s a little too small to be pierced. i get so many people asking me what that ‘thing’ is above my tragus. i just say i was born with it! because i honestly i have no idea myself. lol.

  15. I can’t believe people are getting so grossed out over this. It’s only some kind of bump! It’s not like it’s oozing or funky colored. It’s a bump. It’s a pierced bump. I too am eating and I don’t see the big deal. If your tummy is that sensitive, why come onto modblog while you’re eating? lol

    I think it’s awesome. Way to make lemonade!! I wonder, did it hurt?

  16. Is that the kind of random lumpy bit you could put a string around and wait for it to die and fall off?

    Also, that’s pretty cool. I find it really weird that everyone’s so “grossed out” by this. It’s really cool, but not that noteworthy by modblog standards.

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