16 thoughts on ““Just for fun”

  1. you know getting tossed into a bed of thumbtacks is never the first thing that comes to mind for me. maybe i didn’t have a weird enough childhood.

  2. Are those smartie beads on them rather than discs? I’ve not been able to find any in a large size in Australia, only discs 🙁

  3. Seriously Shannon…. i don’t know what kind of backyard wrestling you’ve done, but a bed of thumbtacks were never included in my backyard wrestling matches!
    haha.. couldn’t be a better person running bme…

    I’m not sure I like the LOOK of it… there’s a sort of design in there, obviously.. but is it supposed to look like something specific? I don’t know.. I think in th end the scars that they will leave behind will look the neatest!

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