Blood-filled B-Movie Shower Scene

Bluestar cleans up from — judging by the smiles and the blood — some flesh hook pulling fun at memento_mori‘s place.

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30 thoughts on “Blood-filled B-Movie Shower Scene

  1. shit i thought she was a little boy when i saw the pictures! i was totaly shocked till i scrolled down!!

  2. Wow. This is amazing.
    I agree with you, Shannon. Ritual pictures where people look like they’re really enjoying themselves are the best in my eyes.
    I hope that when I do my pulling it’s as awesome as that.

    She’s a cutie face.

  3. I just think it’s funny that she’s wearing gloves….. while covered in blood. In the shower. With clothes on.

    Dali’s got nothin’ on this.

    But seriously. Gloves!

  4. I like the “natural” photos like this much better than the posed, “modelling ones.”

    Just people having fun with their bodies! I love it..

  5. Indeed. No breast shots for public consumption.

    I still don’t understand why that happens San, as everyone can see, you’re all woman. ;)

  6. i happen to lov the ladies that get mistaken for little boys! cute smile, aw.

  7. Aw Bluestar, you’re such a dork! :)
    I love it!
    And I think -despite the seeming oddity of the gloves while COVERED in blood- is pretty hot. Latex gloves are just sexy on all occasions!

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