Geeky Head Tattoos

These were done by Karlis at Mantis Tattoo in Pennsylvania — an embellished yin-yang, “einst(ue)rzen” in binary, and salvinorin a (and before any of you chemists and or drug addicts complain, a note from the wearer — “two methane groups were left out by mistake, but the shop has free touch-ups!”).

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27 thoughts on “Geeky Head Tattoos

  1. how can you like salvia that much? i guess you must have gotten some pretty good stuff to have that good of an experience, particularly to get something related to it tattooed on you…

  2. ok, i just smoke weed, so can someone explain exactly what chemical composition this is?

  3. Salvinorin A is a psychoactive compund found in Salvia Divinorum, a member of the sage family. When the leaves are smoked, it induces an intense but short lived psychadelic experience, lasting anywhere from 2 minutes to 15 minutes. It’s legal to buy posses and grow, and has quite pretty purple flowers. Most people don’t try salvia again after their first experince, as they find it fairly unpleasant. Check for more info.

  4. #8: I disagree, i think most people who try it do try it again. I know alot of users and have tried it myself and found it to be a very extra-ordinary and fufilling experience.

    Nice tattoo though :)

  5. I wouldn’t smoke salvia leaves because of the necessity for such a hot flame to release the salvinorin. I’d be more inclined to chew a quib of leaves, which leads to an experience of many hours, not just a few short minutes. I never got my chance though, because my salvia plant died after a few months.

  6. I’m going to be the only one to say it, I dont like it.
    Its a drug tattoo…

    on his head…

    and the linework is wonky, like 80% of head tattoos.

    I dont like it.

    But to each his own.

  7. As regards “enjoying” salvia, I don’t think you have to enjoy something for it to have value.

    I found the trip on my first attempt (smoked, but through a bong, @ #13 so the flame heat wasn’t problematic) to be utterly terrifying… and would do it again in a second, given suitable company/safe environment. (I did it in a very BME-friendly house and at one point clung to a sharps bin and had to have it forcibly taken away from me… whoops!)

    I find destructive events very useful, you get a chance to put everything back a little differently – it was a facilitator for some positive changes.

    Regarding the tattoo specifically, I love it :) it’s like a geekhawk! Can I claim that word as my own? Geekhawk: noun: a geeky mohawk.

  8. Thanks Rosie. :)

    I’ve got a salvia journey tattoo (with plant and purple flowers – self-drawn) on BME (on my IAM page) from Japan in 2003 so this wouldn’t be the first.

    Also got some DMT and MDMA molecular tattoos on my fingers from 3 years ago.

    I sponsor Erowid too. You all should.


  10. Wicked tats. I like how it all stayed within the hairline. Yay for versatility!

    Salvia, I’ve found, is best done outside (in a safe place, obviously). Indoors, everything becomes creepy and fake. Outdoors feels more natural and more fitting with that particular substance. YMMV Little blow-torch lighters do the trick just fine when using a bong.

    Also, while legal, it’s definitely not a substance for the faint of heart. Absolutely nothing like pot. Awesome dreams, afterwards, though. I always enjoyed that aspect. Mmmm, kappa receptors…..

  11. That’s me; BTW, got the groups put in, so everything is chemically correct now.

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