xpanchitox and xduffx

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36 thoughts on “Lovemod

  1. thats a gorgeous photo, a great couple.
    it looks like she is missing a chestpiece though…
    that would look nice

  2. Great photo! This is one of those that makes you happy just looking at it. I love it.

  3. First thing I noticed were the chubby lobes. Hmm I want mine nice and fat!

    Next thing I noticed was Penelope Cruz with mods!

  4. Lololol, i didnt say THEY were gay. I was just saying that gays shouldnt be allowed to adopt children :D

  5. #8 = Idiot!

    What a cute couple…#7 She does look like Penelope Cruz with mod’s, ha I couldn’t think for a moment who she looked like!

  6. Why were gays brought up in this at all?

    (protip: spell ‘you’re’ right when trying to tell people that you’re not an idiot)

    Lovely photo, anyway :)

  7. They’re so cute! She looks rather worried though. I love the light in this photo.

    Looks like Modblog has a new troll, thought people had been relevant/sane on here a bit too long…

  8. Such a beautiful pic. And then I had to go and read that homophobic garbage and all the loveliness was taken away.
    I vote too for a Troll Patrol!!

  9. They are a very cute couple. The lobes here are very nice too. Everything is great about this picture but i do agree it looks like she’s missing a chestpiece.

    Jacki D, Instead of making a rude remark then trying to cover for yourself by saying you werent talking about this picture and then getting defensive and telling people to suck your cock all you are doing is showing how moronic you are. If you weren’t talking about this picture…why make a comment in this pictures comment space? Drop it.

  10. Vance – You are the man – Totally Agree !

    Beautiful Picture – Cute Couple – Cool !

    Jacki D – I hope Shannon deletes your comments.

  11. lovely picture, i agree that a chestpiece or some collarbone work would look amazing on her.

    oh, and jacki d? i wouldn’t suck your dick if you paid me in chocolate. i volunteer to become a member of the troll patrol!

  12. they look so beautiful together. i want a philtrum piercing and this makes me want it even more!

  13. Maybe Jacki D was somehow under the impression that they were a gay couple? Despite the fact that they are clearly a straight couple?

    And even if, who the fuck cares, Jacki? REALLY?

    You now how many kids out there are looking for homes?

    Most’d be overjoyed that ANYONE wanted to adopt them, regardless of if they were gay or not, so since nobody else wanted to get into it, shut the fuck up Jacki, and get off the site.

    You’re wearing out your welcome.

  14. i am going to back up nathan and every one else that said this “shut the fuck up!!!!”

    this pic is awosme they are adorible together
    this is one of those pics that would really make some one think twice about bodymods and the communitty being bad and demorilized and so on and so forth

    again fuck you jacki

  15. I see two gorgeous girls who are evidently in love or at the very least good friends. If there’s anything wrong with that then the worlds more oppinionated, narrow minded and conceited than i thought. If there’s nothing wrong with two people in love…then why shouldn’t they adopt???

    Ridiculous attitude.

  16. Well it seems when you click on the link, you can see that one of them *definitely* has a penis and nice bodmods on it as well, I’m not sure where is the confusion at… but either way this picture is gorgeous and I want one of their kids.

  17. lol oh cool very pretty boy then (no not gay or bi but i do know pretty when i see it lol) i asked my 2 yr old what she thought n she said….Friends. Can’t think of anythin better are so honest…y cant they stay like that????

  18. It was kinda confusing at the beginning, but then again a still got a hangover. Nice couple. It’s like their smile is genuine.

    regarding troll: A hunting I will go, a hunting I will go… shh.. I’m huntin twolls…

  19. thats guguz, i recon she does need a chest piece of some sort and look up at him or something, but hey just my opinion..
    awsome photo tho, I really like it.

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