49 thoughts on “Shh… Don’t talk…

  1. Look, I’m just waiting for a couple of internet morons to turn up and say “OMG she can’t TALK any more she’s ruined her LIFE”. (Cause that’s how they usually respond to temporary piercings).

    Everything about that photo is great.

  2. o god i love it! i would never come up with an idea like that….very sexy and a very sexy girl too ☆☆☆

  3. question to the public… is that a pircing i can see popping out of her chin? … or am i seeing things..
    chick is hot
    picture is awsome..

  4. to #20. yes in fact that is a piercing you see sticking down. and headrick is a talented chap. probably one of the nicest guys i know. and as far as the model goes… ashley likes lime-aide so shes thumbs up with me.

  5. Cadaver piercing ftw.
    I happen to like her hair, it looks lovely on her and really contrasts with the ribbon lol :>

  6. this step: say nothing
    next steps: hear nothing, see nothing, do nothing

    or so 🙂

  7. call me a noob or something, but how long can those stay in for? (excluding the need to eat, i guess u could use a straw?) just im sure that wasnt cheap, and u prolly would want that to last more then a day?

  8. This picture popping up today is great. It is Sean Hartgroves birthday today. I called and told him that his photo hit ModBlog today and sent him the link. He is also the photographer for H2 Ocean. All the ads you see in Tatto and savage are his too. Shannon unknowingly made Seans day.

  9. oh goodness. to 33, all you’d have to do is take off the uh, ribbon, and you could eat normally.

    beautiful photo, btw.

  10. She is beautiful, and she gives me insperation. I could look at her all day. I love the hair, makeup and and jewelry. Hot, Hot, Hot…

  11. Oh man…this is one of the hottest piercings I’ve seen so far…I’d love to have that done

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