15 thoughts on “Guerrilla Suspension Snapshot

  1. I know that guy! More and more of my friends are being modblogged I LOVE IT! though I feel like Turtle from Entourage

  2. sque3z suspended, rice and bread sent in the photo. either way. thats a rad shot! thanks p.r.e.

    i wish our tree actually had that modblog print! thanks shannon!

  3. …Uh…i just realized the link of Eric was to my site. As everyone else said…that’s not me suspending. That’s Sque3z. Maybe Shannon can make a change on that link.

  4. no problem man, it’s part my fault since i don’t think i stuck a description on the picture.

  5. aw its squeeze. i shoulda been there, jen just conveniently forgot to invite me

  6. Too bad my ass was in Bako. I heard it was a “blast.” We need to set more of those up!

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