32 thoughts on “Damn that’s hot!

  1. The navel scars look like a paw print or something.

    As well for the pubic scarring… I think Shannon’s right just plain damn hawt.

    It always keeps amazing me how well stuff like this can turn out.

  2. It’s beautiful. I never thought much about pubic scars (on me) until I saw this and how great it’s looking.
    I certainly wouldn’t mind having it done now. Really nice!

  3. I really love this, it’s beautiful and the keloid is very even. However, I do have to agree with #3.. how on earth do you shave over/around it??

  4. Kat` it`s realy realy beuty,you know that)
    And you fucking thin and famous,I hate you!)

  5. Tik-tak mhahahaha))my famous pussy))and Defstars work

    Fallen Angel Eyes unless comfortable….

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