DIY 0ga Deep PA

Here’s Knightowl36 caught in the act of doing a 0ga deep PA on himself (yes, the procedure is a little bloody). He writes, “If anybody told me how painful it would be to pee after preforming a “0ga deep PA” on oneself, I NEVER would have done it.”

Well, he stuck it out and it’s healing well (which is good, because I did one of these on myself about ten years ago using the same DIY procedure and healing was a nightmare). Oh, and if you’re wondering, that’s a transscrotal you’re seeing as well.

25 thoughts on “DIY 0ga Deep PA

  1. This doesn’t look very attractive at the moment, just very painful. I would love to see it once it’s completely healed. I’ve always found large gauge PAs to be very nice looking. Add the transcrotal, and I’m captivated. Very sexy.

  2. very nice. i was also interested in a uretheral reroute 15 years ago(my late teens). at the time i was interested in the novelty of peeing and ejaculating from a different hole. i went and asked one of the only professionals about it at the time(now very well known) and he suggested that this proceedure is very risky and usually reserved for those who are not concerned with the function of their penis. at the time(my age) it was very very good advice. even if i considred it now its not something i would consider doing myself.

    thanks tom.

  3. People who are a-ok with doing bloody and invasive procedures on themselves instead of going to someone else will never cease to amaze me. Congrats on it healing well, though!

  4. Plain gory. Besides the blood, PA just isn’t my style.

    Thumbs up for the guy though, for having the guts to do it.

  5. Yeah – i’ll bet peeing was painful…

    Good thing the procedure itself looks pretty much pain free!

  6. I also prefer to do my own things when I can, but while I could do a 10g outer labia I could never do a 0g. Props to people who feel secure enough to do work like that.

  7. 0ga doesn’t tear as much as smaller gauges that can sometimes cut like a wire due to daily movement. But anyways, awesome, nothing better than a bloody cock shot.

  8. wicked.

    and thumbs way up for the modblog stamp, it looks like it belongs theres

  9. What says shann0n is right. Smaller gauges tend to tear and cut like a wire and are more difficult to heal.
    I have a question: Is still possible an erection after that procedure? Don’t you pierce the corpus cavernosum?

  10. Could someone let me know if i am right….

    Has he used the sound as a base inside his urethra to cut along, using a scalpel from the outside?

    This stuff isn’t really for me, but good going on him and good luck for healing.

  11. #14, if he pierces one of the corpus cavernosa, won’t he bleed to death? This seems like a dangerous mod to do alone. If a person wants to do it at home, he should probably have someone helping just in case he passes out and starts losing blood.

  12. As far as I was aware, piercing the corpus cavernosum won’t prevent erection nor will it cause the piercee to bleed to death.

    I could be wrong though, so I’ll go look it up.


    There we go. You’ll just bleed a lot more 🙂

    From my understanding the corpus cavernosum starts in the shaft of the penis rather than the glans, and the corpus spongiosum (? can’t recall.) or urethrae is what would be being pierced here.

    It’ll bleed heaps either way – my apa and amp both bled for about 5 days consistently 🙂

  14. I just don’t get it. I see some really amazing,beautiful things here,and then I see stuff like this,and just don’t understand why anyone would want to do that!!!???

  15. if you know how to do it, diy is a great way to go.
    what do you wear in an deep pa like this? a bananabell?

  16. one thing I have always wondered about deep PAs is what jewelry you would wear to keep them from rubbing like crazy on the top side of the urethra during the healing.

    I’ve only ever had a 0ga sound like that through my PA hole once it was HEALED. using one to pierce seems pretty wild though. good luck healing it-though the hurty peeing bit should have been obvious from the size of the hole that got opened up there. 😉

  17. I wasn’t complaining #20. Is a great work in myy opinion. 🙂
    I just don’t know (and I’m telling it here without malice) where the limit is. I know is possible to cut the penis in two and still have an erection, so is surely possible to pierce a deep PA and have it in the same way, but I was just arguing: when I try a procedure like this what should I pay attention to?

  18. Wow…yeah…I kinda just sat there for a moment staring…lol…Grats though for the healing. Being a girl I don’t know how much it hurt, but I would imagine there would be some pain right? lol

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