Ouch! Faceplant!

So Hyena crahsed her bike and did a faceplant onto her septum piercing. This photo was taken about a day after the accident… Four days later, after the scabs had lifted, she realized that the captive bead, which she’d thought was lost on the street, had actually embedded into her lip for the previous four days! She popped it out — no infection luckily, although her body was already healing around the bead — and she’s doing fine.

34 thoughts on “Ouch! Faceplant!

  1. Good god, this made me reconsider getting my septum done this Saturday.

    (Final verdict? Still getting it, just not going to get into a bike crash afterward!)

  2. perhaps we could learn from this and invent a new way to do genital beading?

    #1 – tape beads on penis

    #2 – ride bike

    #3 – fall off and land on cock. (cockplant?)

  3. Ohhh man. I have a smiley and a septum done. I wonder what I’d look like after a face plant.


  4. Shannon – I have a small suggestion/question. I’ve been noticing that I have already seen alot of the ModBlog pictures because I saw them on BME before they were posted to ModBlog. Would it possible to not post ModBlog content to BME until after they’ve been posted on ModBlog? I know sometimes I’m disappointed when I come to ModBlog because I already saw it on BME. I don’t know if anyone else agrees with me, or maybe I should stop looking at BME so much. Haha. Just a suggestion. Either way, I’ll keep coming back. Peace.

  5. 10 Mitch – I find checking ModBlog every day and BME only every couple of days to be pretty sufficient. Also, check ModBlog first, just in case.

  6. once i had head to head contact and my eyebrow piercing in midle. and scar after that was in sape of nice cross.
    good luck with healing

  7. I was once shot in the face with a BB gun, and the same thing happened. By the time i realised the pellet was still in my face, i had to have it surgically removed.

    Good times.

  8. me buddy had a similar thing happened involving a car accident and his eyebrow bead getting implanted under the skin

  9. I bump my 1/2″ septum inside my helmet when I ride and it fucking kills me, that just makes me shiver with owwie thoughts……

  10. hah, i just got a message from my friend saying “I GOT MY SEPTUM PIERCED”
    like 20 seconds before seeing this. haha what a coincidink

    but getting the bead out must have hurt!

  11. Wow, “popping out” that bead would have been like the most staisfying blackhead ever.

  12. i sooo agree Chaq! i love taking care of a serious blackhead. such satisfaction and pride in a job well done! the bead would have been awesome to do that with. i wonder what it would be like to 1. realize that the bead hadnt popped out but was imbedded in you flesh from the impact and 2. how to scheme about getting it out.


  13. ha! yes, it was That swollen.

    Popping the bead out was surprisingly easy, though it gave me that jaw-pinch, mouth watering, slightly-nauseous sensation and I couldn’t help but freak out a little for a minute. Then I went and grabbed the camera. I was really shocked it was still in there!
    There will be a scar (and there’s in fact still gravel healed in my lip that I can feel) but luckily my smile is still bright and intact!

    note to self: before next drunken bicycling adventure, buy soldering mask

  14. me and a friend have been saying for years that we’re going on a night time drunken bike ride to the beach… one day… kinda makes me glad it hasnt happened yet…

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