20 thoughts on “Music is on

  1. That actually took me a minute, stared for a good while before I realized what I was actually looking at, hehe.

  2. um i totally thought this guy was toting skin around on his headphones.
    i was really confused.
    i think because he has such a small area surrounding the nipple, at least in comparison.

    i feel dumb.

  3. That’s so funny. And strangely it makes my nipples feel afraid of being ripped out.

  4. thats wicked, but i wonder if its an actual functioning headphone, cuz you have to think about this factor, how did he get either the headphones or the jack through that? haha

  5. Simplicity – I believe most iPod headpone jacks are constructed like this rather than at right angles to the chord/dog-legged. So it should slip through the tunnel like a jellied eel.

    If you catch my drift.

  6. I like how my first thought was: is that a CBR necklace? SWEET! Then I saw his nip and thought it was something fancy on the headphone cord until I connected the tunnel and the o-rings. 🙂

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