32 thoughts on “Russian Pitbull

  1. It looks like a bit of overkill to me, but I still think it looks amazing and whatever floats your boat. Very cool.

  2. What I want to know is when he takes them out can he spurt water out of them(ones in mouth&chee) and look like a fountain! 😀 That’d be a fun photo/video if he can.

  3. his nostril piercings are slightly squint – they look fantastic like that!!!

  4. wow the cheek ones are really close together! quite intense.
    how long do cheeks take to heal?

  5. #6 ive had my cheeks done for about four weeks now and they still hurt sometimes, they have been a bit of a pain in the arse to be honest! i love them though but i couldnt imagine having 8! look good though i think he looks wicked!

  6. Well as it is my picture!!! I can say that the mohawk was done here in the UK by Emilio Gonzalez when he was over back in 2004. I am based in London and started getting modified in 1997.

    The dimples in the cheeks have been created by having the piercings done as I did not have dimples before.

  7. Кросавчег! :)))) Лишь бы ему башку не отрубили, чтобы в металлолом сдать!

  8. jeez i would be so uncomfortable, i cant even handle having oral piercings! gets in the way of eating and smoking. =)

  9. How dare you say this guy is disturbed “concerned” I know him to be a wonderful well adjusted,intelligent and articulate guy. People don’t have to meet your or anyone elses idea of image to funtion properly. Get over yourself and celebrate individuality!

  10. I think it is quite funny that Shannon did not recognise me in the first instance, but hey I have such a great sense of humour that I am enjoying reading all the comments.

    So gillian wonders if I have problems with soup!! well yes I do at times but it is now something I am used to now. I do like soup especially the arty stuff like clear soup with a fried egg in. I find the best way to eat soup is to find a spoon that you are used to and actually fits the mouth without getting too tangled up, yes it is a quite an art I have to admit. I do not usually drip it all over the place like I used to, but have to sit at a table as having the bowl any lower does create problems. Yoghurt is actually worse!! If people just start giving me odd looks I just stick my split tongue out as that usually shuts them up or gives them something else to moan about.

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