Yes, it’s a tunnel, but through what?

iam:NuderThanNude has this nearly half inch tube somewhere in his body…

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58 thoughts on “Yes, it’s a tunnel, but through what?

  1. I’d be interested in seeing other angles. that’s a pretty big tunnel. From this side it looks like it has to cross through the urethra which would make peeing difficult (unless the tunnel is out then it’s a complete mess. The placement and appearance is interesting, regardless.

  2. I love seeing “regular” piercings that have been stretched or modified in a way that they are unique, if not one of a kind. This is a beautiful modification, congrats to its wearer!
    (P.S. I had that pegged for a T.S., anyone else?)

  3. Im also curious about peeing. It completely blocks the urethra, so unless he also has a subincision behind it, I’m a bit confused.

  4. just wondering could you get a plug and drill a hole through it so that it wouldnt block the urethra?

    otherwise i just dont see how you could pee at all with it in. it looks too snug a fit in that hole.

  5. HUGE!!!!!

    So neat. I’m not even really concerned about the peeing. Thats the biggest APA I’ve seen yet.

  6. I covered both my bases by guessing either sack or penis. But my money was on sack! That’s a really unusual placement…I wonder how his day to day actions are affected by the piercing…

  7. Shannon, I think you should do a post like this with an innocent photo (like an earlobe or even a finger piercing) just to see what people’s minds start thinking :P

  8. Anyone else think its kind of funny that the only pictures this guy has of himself on his IAM are of his penis.

  9. It didn’t cross my mind as to how he pees at first…
    Next question. How does the semen get out? Would if hurt if he had a wet dream and the tunnel was in?

  10. Astrid: there are a lot of people on IAM who aren’t ‘out’ as modded and don’t feel comfortable having pictures of their face online, especially if they have a lot of genital work but look ‘normal’ for everyday life.

  11. Hi everyone and thank you for the generous compliments.

    If you have been able to access my AIM page you will notice that I have a matching horizontal piercing that intersects with the vertical one. When I use solid posts one post passes through a hole in the middle of the length of the other post and holds it in place.

    Peeing, surprisingly isn’t much of a problem as the hollow tube ends at the top of the urethra and the pee takes the path of least resistance, and continues straight through the meatotomy. If I have a solid post in place I will have a hole drilled in line with the urethra for that very purpose. And I usually direct the pee down and out the bottom of the post just to be able to pee differently than normal. Without any jewelery the hole shrinks quickly and everything works normally. In fact in a couple of days the hole is hardly noticeable but I can stretch back to that size quickly when I want.

    As for AIM… I am not into body modifications for any artistic reasons whatsoever so the only mods that give me any pleasure are genital mods. And yes, they are private in my everyday life. The only reason I display them on AIM is to be able to communicate and share with others having similar interest.

    Oh, and it wasn’t very painful since I started small and stretched up slowly.

    I’d be happy to answer any other questions anyone may have.

  12. Thank you for explaining, and I have to agree with so many people that it is so…lovely. Even tho it wasn’t meant to be artistic, it turned out to be =)
    It’s unexpected and perfect.

  13. it makes me want to put my pinky finger through it
    like a ring
    …i like poking things…

  14. its been a very long time since something on BME made me scream “OH MY GOD”, but it just happened

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  16. Wow. I have only one question – what is a TS? Just like Katie #44, I would just love to poke my pinky finger through it. I have 1/2 ga ear tunnels and stick my fingers throuh them all the time. What about sex? Is there a risk of the eyelet coming out:?

  17. Just wow. Such a perfect clean hole right through. Seeing the whole picture made me double take.

  18. I would love to know where the tunnel was purchased? I have a deep frenum piercing, and have really struggled to find a flesh tunnel long enough to fit comfortably.

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