Classic Flesh Staples

Flesh staples (check out the cheek staples recently posted by the way — those look great), I think, maybe have fallen out of fashion a bit, but I still enjoy seeing them because they really do offer quite a unique look — Fabri’s double stapling was done by Manuel Carreras in Cagliari, Italy.

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10 thoughts on “Classic Flesh Staples

  1. It’s like a reverse surface piercing… Must be a pain getting them caught, which I’d imagine would happen alot on the arms.


  2. I think if i got them i would get them caught everywhere. maybe im just clumbsy.
    but anyways the boy has pretty eyes

  3. i wouldn’t get them just because they would be extremely impractical. espeically aon the arms. i would rip them out wihtin a week. haha. but, they are very dramatic, and would be especially shocking to anyone whose never seen them before.

  4. I love the look of staples, and I think they would be a hell of a lot more popular if they were practical in any way shape or form.

  5. so he used to have to more .. on each arm ..? then switched down to one per arm ?? and re-used one whole on each old peircing ? it looks like it .. any way .. I agree it looks cool , but im sure Id snag the hell outta them ..

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