35 thoughts on “Hahaha! I love this portrait… and the handlebar!

  1. His hands! There is something about his fingernails and hands……makes me want to check to see if he has a reflection. But in a kind of good way

  2. He looks like some variety of illusionist or conjuror, like the next words out of his mouth after this photo were, “Now prepare to be mystified.”

  3. Now prepare to be MYSTIFIED!

    Thanks for the kind comments, both for the Daliesque and Deppesque and for the photography 🙂

    Leah, believe me, I have a reflection, otherwise fixing the handlebar in position would be pure hell.

  4. I must say I didn’t think “Depp”, I did think “Hmmm, he’s a certain kinda cute”, which is weird considering I don’t usually like facial hair.
    Lovely pic 🙂

  5. My boyfriend has a handlebar mustache, but he looks way more British. But I am a fan of the stache.

  6. A thousend % bet that is you pumpernickel from the 3dmax.org forum , still crazy as ever

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