On the subject of commercialism…

But hey, commercialism pays the bills… Better to have BMEshop ads that the insanely stupid (seriously, don’t buy the junk) “tattoo removal” creams and so on that Google keeps insisting on dumping in the tattoo galleries (we actually had a little staff meeting today debating whether we should cancel GoogleAds to avoid these scams, although I’d like to think that BME readers are well enough informed not to be conned by them).

Thanks to Trillance for sending in these shots of Kim and her Guess Where BME shirt (and BME belt buckle), which as a point of trivia has sold more copies than any other single design that we’ve ever done, and has also been consistently in print longer than any other design other than the classic.

Anyway, that’s all for this evening, but like I said, I’ve got plenty more to post over the next couple weeks and will get it all queued up so things keep running in zombie mode while I’m under the knife. There’s also been a zillion images posted to BME, and I’ll have an experience update posted there later tonight as well!

11 thoughts on “On the subject of commercialism…

  1. I think there should be a shirt for people like her, who have many (or any) visible piercings, that says, “guess where else.”

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