58 thoughts on “Those aren’t cheek piercings!

  1. she’s v. pretty. I think if she got her other nostril pierced as well, it’d really balance it all even much more nicely.

  2. She’s so adorable, but I wish she’d either lose the nose stud or get another. (everything else on her is so symmetrical, haha)

  3. i gotta agree with the symmetricalness wanting people. other than that she is like perfection.

  4. hea cute face… i knew it wouldnt be long till you were up here… people can’t stay away from you!

  5. The only reason I can really think of NOT to do them this way is the lack of dimples. 🙂 They’re super cute piercings on a super cute girl!

  6. I like how her ears are practically sticking to her head, even with large lobes. She should her other nostril pierced.
    I love the tattoo as well.

  7. Beautiful girl, with amazing piercings. I do think she should balance out the nostrils though.

  8. Stop talking about matching nostrils! I had lovely matching nostril piercings till one was horribly torn out, and now feel rather inadequate 🙁
    The tattoo is fab, and she’s gorgeous. I rather like the feel of “proper” cheek piercings, though

  9. my best friend has that ,too! its cool cause you dont have all the shit during the healing that u would have with cheek piercings, like biting on it and the swelling!

  10. ahhh, i am one of those that also needs symmetry. but the microdermals were a great idea. sometimes the pinching in of regular cheek piercings irks me. though i think i’d like these a bit better if they didn’t look so uneven. X__X but overall, very very nice.

  11. i just cant get behind the idea of microdermals in oral piercings… im totally against it. sorry. it had to be said.

  12. Am I the only one who thinks they look totally squint, even allowing for the angle of the photo? She’s a very pretty girl though 🙂

  13. T.Thomas: The upsides of anchors in cheeck pierings have a HUGE upside. I personally have had mine done for nearly a year now and I can totally understand why clients would want to try something a bit easier to heal. Lip anchors on the other hand, not so much of a fan (very-lowbrets accepted) as better placement can solve many of the problems people have.

    I have done quite a number in my studio and have seen many cases of built up scar tissue, problematic healing and REALLY long heal times (mine were ~4m, I consider this quick).

    Anchors have a tendency of just healing anywhere, I have a regular with a healed one (now over a month) on the top of her bottom lip.

    The only down-side to cheek-anchors (IMHO), you get the gorgeous dimples. 😉

    *sends healing vibes*. Lets hope you heal up them itty-bitty baby anchors up nice and happy.

  14. goddamn she’s pretty! and love how since she used anchors they don’t give that dimple-look that most cheek piercings get!

  15. its definately a interesting concept that can work…Although even if still being done and the piercer isn’t careful…I wonder if it can still pose problems if placed wrong and placed in/against the Parotid’s (Glands & Ducts)…and thus problems will still be complicating the area(leaking/drainage issues, scar tissue formation,etc)

    but again thats all about the placement of the jewelry,etc.

  16. Even without the dimples, it’s cute. A unique look.
    Her piercings suit her well (even with just one nostril done).
    She’s beautiful.

  17. ive met her in person before, and shes gorgeous, like holy shit beautiful. the piercings are awesome to.

  18. I’d definitely chose dermal anchors vs. cheek piercings if I were to get my cheeks done again. I had major swelling and chomped on the barbells a few times.
    Not to mention I smashed them up when I got into a horseback riding accident.. they had to come out when I had my jaw wired shut anyways.

  19. I think this is the first crooked septum that i’ve looked at and thought it looked good. And I agree about the nostril piercings, she should lose this one of get the other side one. Preferably the latter.

  20. This is my daughter, she is beautiful, regardless. Symmetry, it’s all in your head!

  21. they look better done like that, dosent look like it pulls too much, cleaner i suppose(lookin). and its werid to finally see someone post soemthing that is so close to me (as in location).

  22. Danae is so beautiful. She is an individual and if you dont like the symmetry tough shit. Let it go.
    Danae do as you will. The cheek anchors are new to me. I find them very interesting.

  23. Thank you for letting me work on you Danae!! I wish you well on becomming a piercer! FYI—i have the pic of her looking straight ahead and they are perfectly placed…
    i appreciate all constructive critisism!!! Thanks B.M.E.!!!
    If one has to be negative… maybe they should start @ home!!!


  25. I think I am in love with this girl. Every picture of her I see just makes me appreciate her more. I want to get most of these things done and it’s just encouraging because she makes it look so elegant and beautiful.

  26. She is very cute. No ones septum is ever straight…hahaha. I feel like the microdermals are a really good idea cause I know real cheek piercings always leave deep marks. Does anyone else feel like the microdermals are not evenly spaced from her mouth? Possibly it’s the angle of the photo. I only have one nostril done and it kinda bothers me sometimes, I should get that done soon.

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