Septum and Madonna Piercings

I just liked the photo…

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23 thoughts on “Septum and Madonna Piercings

  1. yep its a nice photo. nice looking girl. cool piercings. and a nice modblog watermark placement.

  2. something just isnt right looking with the stomach area on her well maybe closer to the hip area

  3. i too think that the hip area is weird skeletally… hopefully thats just a lighting weirdness or something, cause if its not i think she may have some bigger issues.

  4. thats hot…but yea the hips are off..and cere caring about ur weight is one thing but being skeletal are a whole nother…i hope its just the lighting and not the actual case

  5. I think it’s just the lighting in the picture making her look that thin; from the rest of her body she doesn’t look skeletal at all.

  6. it looks to me like she has a large built frame and just too skinny to cover her big bone structure. worries me a little, but she is beautiful

  7. Here we go with the “skinny” issue. Maybe it’s the lighting and maybe not.
    Healthy skinny people DO exist. I am one, and regardless, I’d rather not have strangers worrying about what is none of their business. What assumptions and bias! Or maybe I just don’t feel the need to point out other peoples weight (or lack of it) and cannot understand why others feel the need to.

    Having said that, I think her septum and monroe look nice and the picture artful.

  8. a) i think the angle is making her appear that way.
    b) her pants are sitting super-low on her hips/pelvis.

  9. No. 6: I think it’s more like right before a big storm.

    And everyone, does it personally effect you if she has issues with weight or not? Really? I think that it’s just with the way she’s standing & the lighting.



  10. she is pretty but the lighting looks a little off. her hip bones are NOT what is causing those lines in the middle of her stomach IMO..

    cute picture though!

  11. to me she looks like that awkward punk chick from america’s next top model.

    anyone else see what i mean?

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