It’s a trick question

So… It’s now exactly one month since ModProm II and I suppose it’s time to start the annual game of taking bets on how many little Badurs are on their way (Photo: Sarvas)…

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45 thoughts on “It’s a trick question

  1. I lust hugely after the ovals… Anatometal, no? Looked into getting some sans-bling a while back, I’m slowly saving for when I hit 35mm :o)

  2. Well since me and Badur share a certain similarity when it comes to babies, i already know how many women he impregnated last month.

    Whats the prize?

  3. 7, Simspons reference? If so, you win super points.

    I’d venture…42, seeing as its the answer to all questions, and whatnot.

    And Roo, best of luck with your child, lets hope it isnt as hilarious a situation as when Arnold S. had a child haha.

  4. what does Hailey’s chest tattoo say its stunning- but not as stunning as both of those women !!

  5. i have no idea who Badur is or what the deal with him getting people pregnant is but he looks really cool. love the hat. and he has some beautiful ladys with him. love the look of nice dresses with the chest pieces and sleves. very sexy.

  6. for the sake of man kind, and all that is holy and unholy, lets hope none… i think one badur is enough, as much as i love him, i dont think i could handle baby badurs runnin around, bahahaha. at least they would be as tall as him by like age 3 or 4?

  7. 14, I believe Hailey’s chest piece says “Mi Vida Por Mi”. She’s looking gorgeous as per usual. ModProm looks like it was very fun and a place I should have gone to try and pick up chicks. Ha.

  8. #21:
    the secret is not to try and pick them up. let them pick you up ;)

    pffft. You know you picked ME up. rawr.

  9. Hailey looks so gorgeous!

    PS Her chest piece says “Todo mi vida para mi amor”

    Or “All my life for my love”

  10. I’ll say “tree-fiddy”

    I mean have you SEEN the man naked? That shits the for real loch ness monsta!

    oh various quotes from various tv and movies, when will it ever end! lmao

  11. badur is the mac daddy that’s for sure. i have seen him in action with a cute bar tender and i know if he truly wanted he would have had that girl in the back screaming if we had more time.

  12. brian knows! the real secret is the tie gets me laid. maybe one day i’ll actualy return it to phil since it’s his!
    but he has lucky red drawers and pink ties cancel that out :P

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