35 thoughts on “Faux Pas

  1. this is Hollywood??? pretty original for something commercial as that, or i must have understood something wrong

  2. josh aka.reno i met him a few times when he worked at brian drops in S.F. nice guy his pics are fucken amazing

  3. Easily mistaken for a woman if you’re not familiar with him (which I am not, I was like WHERE ARE THE BOOBS?!!)

    Fantastic design and photography none the less, I’m loving this. Post more, Shannon, post MORE!!! 😀

  4. Well, whats even better about Joshua(aside from the fact that he is really very talented and original) is that he is a super sweet person in real life. In a word-Fearless.

  5. oh man! i just clicked on the BMEboys link, and saw this
    yet i saw this photo a few days ago and thought it was a lady!
    regardless, he is absolutely gorgeous, and this is a phenomenal photo 🙂

  6. Im lucky to have the pleasure of knowing Joshua and yes he is one of the sweetest most beautiful people I have ever met…

    Aside from having amazing ink and piercings/mods hes just soooo sexy..

    Miss you xx

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