That evil, evil chair

This is what happens when you sit naked on a chair, and stand up quickly before you realize that your labial piercings have snagged on that chair! Yowwwch! These photos were taken two days afterwards (it’s stitched up now).

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78 thoughts on “That evil, evil chair

  1. oh my god. this is the scariest thing ive ever seen. im never sitting in a chair naked for the rest of my life.

  2. to add to my previous comment, this gives me even more of a reason and inspiration to get inner labial reduction.

  3. Ouch, poor lady. This is why I couldn’t have genital piercings, I prance around naked far to much and this would be my worst nightmare!!

    Sending virtual get well moo moo kisses your way xxx hehe.

  4. O.O Owwwwwww! O.O
    Now I fear for my little VCH just for being in the general area!

  5. That is the exact reason I was afraid to get my nipples pierced, I don’t want them to get caught and torn on something! Though somehow my piercer convinced me to….

  6. i do not get it…why are both sides injured ?
    two rings got pulled out at the same time ?

  7. Urgh! What a mess.

    Maybe it happened so fast it didn’t really hurt till afterwards? Years ago, I fell over in the shower and tore my nipple ring out. That was less painful than you might expect because it happened so fast.

  8. Sweet tittyfucking christ!

    A decade of browsing BME and this is the first time that I have EVER had an adverse reaction to a pic/story.

    My testes withdrew so fast that I heard them bounce off my pelvis. >.

  9. I’m just glad the OTHER piercing didn’t get ripped!
    That would be the ultimate in sucking.

  10. It must take a certain kind of guts to have a nasty injury like this happen, and then immediately think “hey, I know — I’ll post pictures of this on the Internet!” Good stuff.

  11. Those are my battered labias above and I want to give a heart-felt thanks to all the sympathy and well wishes. It’s over a month later now and I’m almost completely healed. To answer # 40 question, I wore one circular barbell through both piercings, hence why both were ripped out. It was first thing in the morning, I was in a hurry, I sat down on this open weave, metal chair I have and before I even knew what was what, out they went. It happened so fast I was more in shock than pain. Anyhow, I miss them much and I do plan to eventually repierce. =)

  12. Looks like she might need reconstructive surgery. I work OR and I’ve seen quite a few genital wounds but it never fails to make me cringe!

  13. and i thought doing my T/S was painfull.
    Ouch Eziliglede glad things are healing up for you now. have you ended up with much scaring?

  14. i would have just.. gotten my labia removed or something. it would look less weird than having like odd pieces hanging

  15. #55 – There’s minimal scarring, thankfully, but my labias (obviously) look drastically different now. Not quite as bad as these photos suggest … these were taken shortly afterwards when everything was still *quite* swollen and bruised … but after healing for a month it’s not the train wreck I thought it would be. I’m still on the fence about reconstructive surgery..

  16. jesusfuck. thats one banged up looking cooter. hopefully some fleshmechanic will have her all fixed up

  17. Youch!!!! I hope her girly bits are feeling ok now. Hopefully she has a nice partner to kiss the ouch better ;)

    I know how painful it can be to injure your labia. I got one of mine caught in an epilady (yes, that’s why they say not to use them on genitals) and it removed a perfectly square chunk about 1cm wide. Obviously no where near as bad as this injury though.

  18. Oh my dear god ow. The left (her left, our right) one looks nigh completely torn off :( I’m glad to hear she’s feeling well. The sympathy pain here is making me cross my legs.

    EziliCede, have you had any adverse effects to your sexual functioning?

  19. I know how painful it can be to injure your labia. I got one of mine caught in an epilady (yes, that’s why they say not to use them on genitals) and it removed a perfectly square chunk about 1cm wide. Obviously no where near as bad as this injury though.

    –eeeek. epilady hurts the legs, why would you EVER want to use it near your girly bits??

  20. Yeah, it was a dumb idea. I just can’t handle wax on my bits, even done professionally, I hate the feeling. Try explaining THAT injury to a new partner lol

  21. holy. freaking. god.

    no offense, but that looks (to a small extent) like a guy that just castrated himself or something.

    i’d be buying cloth chairs for the rest of my freagging life if i were in your position.

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