Non-Temporary Corset Piercing

Cat had this great permanent (click for a shot showing that; it’s now four months old and doing well with no signs of rejection) corset piercing done by Jason AKA Rip who works at Addiction NYC. The piercings were done with eight surface bars using CBR beads for the lacing in photoshoots and flatback beads for day-to-day wear.

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49 thoughts on “Non-Temporary Corset Piercing

  1. This is one of the best corset piercings I have ever seen, and I love the fact that is is permanent.

  2. Impressive. I’m curious to hear what type of sacrifices she’s had to make though to keep it healthy. It seems like it’d be a helluva lot of work to maintain.

  3. such a good photo, such an AWESOME piercing(s) for her body shape, too. very nice looking.

  4. I hate her just for the fact that they look like they healed… i even attempt a surface bar it rejects as fast as possible..

    awsome by the wya

  5. I’ve really been thinking about the same #22 with Microdermals. If I had the cash I’d totally be trying it. Which I plan to do ASAP. As far as her corset, ’tis lovely…Especially since she has a great body shape to go with it. :D

  6. Gorgeous and she has one truly amazing body for healing those as well as they currently look.

  7. No questions the piercings are looking great at this point in time. However, I’d be very hesitant to label any piercing that is only 4 months old as “permanent”. The fact that it looks so good is certainly a very good sign, but I’ve seen piercings (surface and otherwise) that look good and are older than 4 months, decide to reject.

    Having said all that, I definitely hope they work out for her and last as long as she wants to have them.

  8. Nice corset, I hope she can keep it long term.

    Did anyone else think that her feet looked amputated? I know it’s the angle of the photo, I guess it must be because of all of the recent entries I’ve seen.

  9. Sluggish Twitch if you live in the LA area I would be more than happy to do something like that for you for the cost of the microdermals, no markup on the jewelry. After I did my first microdermal I thought of doing a corset with them and would really enjoy this

  10. hmmm… i would have thought that the skin on the back stretches too much vertically to have bars running vertically underneath the skin…

  11. I have a client with 4 microdermals in so far as a start of a corset. they are only about a month old, but are healing nicely so far.

  12. Sadly, I do not live in the LA area. =/ If you do happen to get ahold of a client who’s willing, let me know how it goes. If you have IAM you can reach me there. :D

  13. I like seeing long-term corsets doing well! I’ve had mine now for over a year and the only sort of ‘sacrifices’ I had to make were becoming even more panicky about germs (i.e. germs on my clothes getting into my piercings!)
    Mine is a lot smaller than this one, its only 4 surface bars, so I’m really impressed that she has the dedication to keep twice as many! It looks fantastic on her!

    It helps if you have understanding parents/boyfriend. Those three people were essential in me keeping my corset in the beginning. Now I just leave it alone!

  14. JUst beautiful, but must need alot work and sacrifices (no sleeping on your back, being careful with clothing etc.)

    I really hope they last as long as she wants to keep them.

  15. Wow! I didn’t think my piercings would have had such a big turn out. I’m glad everyone likes them.

    For the first 3 months of healing I didn’t sleep on my back at all, I didn’t bend over, and I spent most of my time soaking in hot sea salt baths in the tub. But now I sleep however I damn well please.

    Thank you to Shannon for thehonorable mention and thanks to my piercer Jason who is the awesomest.

  16. It’s a shame that the picture quality is so bad. This one deserves a high quality image.

  17. Sluggish: I don’t have a IAM account. I don’t know why, guess I need to stop being lazy.

  18. wow that is one hot set of peircing but i have had my surface peircing for more than 4 moths and no rejection but i know eventually it will

  19. These truely are beatutiful, I just got my permanent corset done last night, and mine were pierced using medical tubing with screw in balls to heal for the first few months, I am having jewlery made by hand so when it heals I will replace the tubing with it and I can finally see how beautiful it will look with the ribbon in, this pic makes me even more excited, AWESOME.

  20. Who in the LA or San Diego might anyone recommend to do corset piercings? I’d really like to get them done sometime in the next month, but I won’t go in someplace blind and really don’t know where to start looking…

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