Another unusual female genital piercing

You may remember that a while back I posted a cervical piercing (on which you should definitely read the follow-up interview, so let me add this unusual genital piercing that’s resultant from a split Princess Albertina. Erika decided to take the two flaps that were left from the split (sort of a mini “female subincision” I suppose!) and pierce them each with a barbell.

Yurah Kalmikov at Planeta Tattoo in Kiev, Ukraine did the piercing and everything is healing nicely. To the best of my knowledge, and theirs as well, this is the first piercing of this type… So far they’re just calling it “Erika’s Fantasy”, and unless anyone else steps forward, they have naming rights!

22 thoughts on “Another unusual female genital piercing

  1. “female subincision”?
    i don’t think so, it’s just a normal part of the female genitals

  2. Normal part yes, altered by the previous piercing’s anatomy. Within the realm of what one could see naturally, absolutely, but as I understand it from the description it’s different from what she started with.

  3. Her urethra is a lot farther away from her clitoris than mine! Intersting.

  4. Am I blind or something? I don’t see any subincision… just
    an usual placement for a labia-piercing.

  5. I really wish I could see what it looked like before. Mine is split like that naturally. Neat piercings in any case.

  6. #9 i believe it’s a fourchette. pretty pointless piercing if you enjoy vaginal sex i’ve heard!

    im tempted to say that some of these comments make me question some people’s understanding of female anatomy.. but i spose everyone is very different..

    i really want a girly PA! jealous!

  7. I don’t know about other girls, but my urethra definitely doesn’t connect to my vagina like that. It looks pretty awesome though.

    Just curious though, could something like this increase your risk for UTIs?

  8. #12, You’re right, I’m thinking from some of the comments they need a roadmap. FYI, Urethra’s hidden and fairly close to the vaginal opening.
    The “vag” is your friend. Get to know it =)

    Anyhow, I kept looking at that sizable fourchette…impressive but looks cumbersome.

  9. Maybe some people are confusing the urethral/vaginal membrane with inner labia, since hers are split? I imagine that this could occur naturally, just like men can be born with hypospadia (natural “meatotomy”), but as the post says it’s not natural for her. For people who are confused, the two barbells in the center are going through tissue that is commonly connected, not usually two separate “flaps” (that’s where the PA split). If the roadmap is confusing, that ball at the top of the photo is probably connected to a VCH. (though it could also be a Nefertiti or even an Isabella, it’s a bit hard to tell exactly where that’s coming from)

  10. are correct…it is a VCH and it is my urethra that split after two failed attempts at a princess albertina. I loved the PA’s but a third time was not an option. so we took the newly created flaps and stuck barbells in them. I love this piercing and so far, have had no problems with healing or anything else…:)

  11. ineresting place to lick but I would definately pull my PA before heading down that lane

  12. I like PA, but I can’t imagine at all as strong will be sick, especially in this place. And I wouldn’t like to show it even to the doctor, only favourite. And I think too many barbells hide the core 🙂

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