Spine Blingling

Joel let his fingers do the walking and fitted a customer with three microdermals at Wicked Ink in Penrith, NSW.

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Click for a healed healing photo.

15 thoughts on “Spine Blingling

  1. That can’t be a healed photo, I still see marking agent and red around the insertion sites.

  2. I agree with a couple of those comments…

    Just looked a lot more painful than say a simple piercing would.. maybe just the fact that there’s a lot more poking around and seems a lot less smooth when it comes to poke-and-jewelry-insertion transitions.. I’m not sure, but it looks more painful, for sure. Is it?

  3. Woo! Lets answer some questions.

    #5 – It is in fact not a healed photo, it was taken about 10 minutes after the procedure. They are healing up very nicely and are sitting fantastic.

    #11 – It’s a wildcat professional grade (fucking strong) 14g (1.6mm) taper. I have tried all sorts of different methods and tapers and they seem to have the length and strength to pop in the short leg with minimal discomfort.

    #9, etc – The procedure is generally not considered very painful, however longer than a surface bar piercing. I have found that you only really ‘feel’ much more than pressure during the short-leg insert as the tissue is pulled tight and lifted over the short leg. Much less painful (for myself at least) than punch+taper or freehand surface bars.

    Keep an eye out for some crazy anchors I’m about to post on my page. Gonna flip sum wigz with em.

  4. Vern: Just noticed your comment too. I have tried various punch techniques as well and I find that it tends to leave a bit more scaring and doesn’t necessarily ensure it will heal better or go in easier.

    Some spots are a LOT harder to plant, regardless of the technique.

  5. That looks like quite a skillful job. I work right near Wicked Ink in Penrith too…maybe i should drop by more often.

  6. I’ve been considering this piercing for a few hours (you see how much thought i’ve given it!), and I didn’t realize the bar that went in was so large! What about when they are put in the face, like by the temple or eye or something? Surely they aren’t THAT big? Anyone who has experience or insight, please email me at [email protected]

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