82 thoughts on “Crunchy-Faced Rainbow

  1. She need big bright plastic balls on her piercings. Those metal ones are just too boring.

  2. Awful facial expression and I’m not a fan of the extensive makeup. But other than that it’s great 🙂

  3. I’m going to be the party-pooper here.

    I absolutely despise those dreads, and her makeup looks like it was shot on with a paintball gun.

    But if thats how she likes it, more power to her. :]

  4. @16: haha, that’s the first thing i thought as well – go raver days of yore. 🙂

  5. haha i almost didnt notice what the mods were, thinking, this is a very plain picture to put up, there are no mods!!!

    haha 🙂


  6. It’s not my style…but she pulls it off very well!
    makes me think of a cute~grumpy cartoon character…

  7. Michael Alig called, he wants his club kid back
    No, seriously, it’s a cute style and only works for some. She looks pretty hot.

  8. She definitely ripped off ELf from Suicide Girls (who is also on IAM). Well, either that or Elf ripped off this girl haha. Their styles are almost IDENTICAL.

  9. Aww, cute look, but you should’ve posted a picure where she doesn’t look like a bulldog chewing a wasp. What’s with the stink-face?

  10. Very pretty! I love her make-up and hair!
    I wish I could pay her to come do my make-up like that.

  11. #22, SERIOUS laugh out loud!

    I’m not a huge fan of that “bright as fuck” stuff… but I think the piercings are awesome, and she does pull it all off pretty well. I love her hairclips 🙂

  12. Ashley – Plenty of people have a bright/colourful look… I don’t think it’s reasonable to say either ripped the other one off… Elf is just one of the better known people with this style.

  13. It’s close to being hot, but it seems too overdone for my tastes. She looks a little clownish.

  14. why would you have your face like that for one picture…let alone two. it kinda hurts my eyes. i like the monroes with the cheeks though.

  15. I have to admit I get pangs of jealousy when I see gals ballsy enough to pull this look off. I only wish I had the guts..I get nervous just walking out of the house with hot pink eyeshadow on..

  16. shes so bright.. colorful.. like a neon rainbow threw up on her.. but it’s pretty… i like the pink eyebrows better.. the piercings look good

  17. Heh I saw her in the Top Cafe in Affleck’s Palace once. It’s weird seeing people-you-don’t-know-but-have-seen-on-teh-interwebs in real life. I saw Woody from Faking It in the there once too. *People spotting ftw*

  18. I wonder what she’d look like if she went glow bowling?
    That’d be cool.
    Blah, I just don’t like the synthetic dreads.

  19. 44- Oh that’s cool then! Yeah I didn’t mean to insult either of them, if they know each other then I’d assume it doesn’t bother either girl haha!

  20. ok im jealous of the colors…where the hell is this girl buying her make up?
    i love the style (current raver may=bias, heh) but the hello kitty kinda kills it right now. cute all the same though!

  21. hmmmmm i took one look at her and thought, that reminds me of someone i’ve seen in caged a few times, turns out its probably the same person, lol.

    people IRL and on the internets shouldnt mix, i get confused easily…

  22. I wonder what she’s so angry about. She totally reminds me of Party Monster. Go Club Kids!

  23. I’ve seen some of her pictures before, she has a really awesome club kid goes homicidal Raggedy-Anne doll look goin’ on, it’s super cute!

  24. She should have her own edition of Fresh Fruits. Stunning colours.

    RE: Michael Alig. Anyone know what prison he is currently in? Drop me a pm if you do as I lost contact with him around 2 years ago.

  25. she looks like this asian girl on iam. I cant remember her username, but I think it’s something like elvenkohler (it’s not that though :x)

    but moving on, I love all this color explosion! I wanted to be kind of like this, but I just can’t manage to feel comfortable being so colorful in public 😛

  26. Gotta love Luie 🙂

    Stop all that shit about Elf/Luie ripping each other off, can’t more than one person wear the same type of clothes? Jesus 😛

    They are both beautiful, stunning women 🙂

  27. Lui is much more colourful than Elf.

    Goomy- you’re thinking about ivonkohler aka elf. I dont think she’s asian though, too pale.

  28. greetings!

    I am the crunchy faced girl!

    I do smile really this is just my waiting for the bus face.

    if you wanna see more of me check out

    thanks to everyone who has said nice things about me!

    not the bit where someone calls me a man… thats Rubbish!

    Me and Ivonkohler both work for Cyberdog so I can see were you might think we are similar.. But ms ivonkohler is an elf! and I am but human space cadet..

    stardust kisses ya’ll


  29. I actually like the hair. It’s unique. SHE would look nice if she’d lose the make up (or do it NORMAL) and lose the piercings. The hair is enough! Oh, and lose the necklace.

    The piercings and eyebrows are horrid. Hideous!

    But I do like the hair. And underneath the clown face, the girl is probably pretty.

  30. erh,
    your on bme crystal- sorry If i dont fit your “normal” image…
    thanks for saying my piercings are
    Hideous and horrid, its nice you can fill the world with such love and positive thoughts..

    Kiss kiss!


  31. I love Louie 🙂
    I have done for the number of years i’ve been going to Cyberdog.
    She was never a man :/
    or whatever somebody saiddd..
    and her modifcations are beautiful.

    Yayyyy Neon Princess <3

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