Summertime Relaxing


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61 thoughts on “Summertime Relaxing

  1. Lexci… I understand Canadian law is that you can go topless anywhere a guy can.

    “Two federal laws (Section 173 and 174 of the Criminal Code) apply across the country.

    Section 173 prohibits “indecent acts” done either:
    in a public place, or
    in any place, if done with the intent to “insult or offend”

    It also forbids “exposure of genital organs” for a “sexual purpose” to someone under the age of 14. As is common Canadian practice, Parliament leaves the exact definition of these terms up to courts to decide. Various Provincial courts have decided that:

    simple nude sunbathing is not indecent.
    streaking is not prohibited under the law.
    the inside of a car can be a public place if it is viewable from the street.
    the doorway of a home can be a public place.

    Section 174 prohibits being “so clad as to offend against public decency or order” while exposed to public view. Courts have decided that nude swimming is not within the range of this law.”

    So yea… vague, but you should be fine!

  2. ahhh she’s so gorgeous, wow. I find smoke sexy in pictures. I used to smoke, and I once had a guy walk up to me and say, ” I thought you were really attractive until you started smoking a cigarette, and it really ruined it.” I let it go because I wasnt in the mood to deal with such a remark, but I thought it was incredibly rude, and I if I did say something, it probably would have been along the lines of:”well it sure is a good thing I’m not doing it for you then.”

  3. I am certainly not a fan of smoking, but i love this picture, it’s gorgeous. and I CANNOT WAIT for the Australian summer to return!!!

  4. She looks like Audrey Hepburn, but with piercings and topless. I love how it has the quality of publicity shots from fifty years ago or so. I’d certainly go to see this movie!

  5. This style is so perfectly put together! The raybans, the skull/crossbones hat band, the indifferent look of cool defined. This SMOKES the neon style of the previous post… pun intended.

  6. 1. Good choice on a non-intrusive modblog banner placement in the photo.
    2. Damn, she’s hot.
    3. Congrats on an awesome series of today’s posts. You have my approval!

  7. Hate smoking, but DAMN! That is one hot woman in one hot position in one HOT picture!

  8. I feel you Lexci Million! I live in Alberta too. And even if it’s legal, it’s probably a really bad idea to get naked at the beach, parks, etc. It doesn’t mean you won’t get hassled by people and whatnot. I can’t wait until I live in BC!

    And thank you everyone. I don’t actually smoke though. I’m kind of a health nut. Haha.

  9. This is gorgeous…it looks like a shot from Vouge or something but more attractive cause of the mod’s!

  10. i think my favorite thing about this photo is her skin.
    it’s just so… flawless.

  11. I think this is the sexiest photo of any of the girls who have been posted on modblog. Whats interesting about that is how well this photo could hold its own against all the full frontal shots just because its SO sensual. Hot hot hot.

  12. I’m printing this off and framing it in my room. This is my favourite modblog picture ever.

  13. No no no!!! To the guys that said she looks like Ange, no way!!! Check out all her other portraits, she’s a SPITTING image of Milla Jovovich…so much so that it’s scary (not to mention incredibly arousing ha)

    Dearlover is such puuuurfect model.

  14. She really needs to roll over,and tan her other side – can you let me know when she does?

  15. I actually tried smoking a cigar today – I actually found it nicer than cigarettes. When I took my drag I thought “Damn I hope I look as hot as that chick on Modblog”


    Without a doubt, one of my favourite modblog photos. This goes on my desktop.

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