55 thoughts on “OK, I hope this one finally fools people

  1. wow…first one that I’ve been completely unsure about. Even AFTER the click-through

    I figure it’s male genitalia, but I just can’t grasp how it’s all tangled up >_

  2. …I still am not entirely sure what that is, besides a veritable Rubik’s Cube of human genitalia. 😐

  3. i don’t know how much tangling is going on here.

    i’m sensing subincision and some other glans cutting with a whole bunch of stretched foreskin piercings. but honestly looking at my own penis… i’m not really sure.

  4. That looks like two different parts tangled together to me. A PA passed through a heavily pierced labia.

  5. There are never that hard to guess – by /default/, the answer always seems to be “penis”. 😛

  6. the pic is upside down…so that makes it a (multiple?) stretch frenum i believe…

  7. looks great,love the way the flesh and steel blend, very cool, nicly healed and clean too.

  8. My first thought:”Ah, a ‘guess what’ post that isn’t genitals.”

    Silly me, I should know by now that it’s always someone’s bits.

  9. Saskatoon! I have no idea what’s going on there. Btw, the “o” in Bradshow is supposed to ba an “a”.

  10. Is there a second ‘guess what’? I have no clue what is going on there. There is more steel there than flesh, but that isn’t a problem!

  11. I think I see a split glans with a piercing behind the split, a stretched ampallang, a stretched foreskin piercing (the big old CBB) … and two piercings behind all that. A guiche maybe, and some kind of scrotal piercing?

  12. Looks like a Chinese puzzle where you have to get the rings/shapes apart…
    It’s definately a busy crotch.

  13. Well, I know what it is, but can’t for the life of me figure out how it’s tangled up! And is ‘guess what’ ever /not/ genitals?

  14. Incidentally for those in the UK it will soon be illegal to view images such as these and those on BMEHard if section 6 of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill goes through.

    I call upon all UK peeps to sign the online petition against the criminalising of “extreme images” and visit Backlash for further information.

    The grey area of the bill would make it a punishable offence to view internet sites where extreme sexual images were present where there is harm (real or not) involved.

  15. Giles, does that mean we won’t be able to view modblog? or just if we click through on pictures like this it will be an offence?

  16. The wording of the act says that

    “(1) It is an offence for a person to be in possession of an extreme pornographic image.

    (6) An “extreme image” is an image of any of the following ~

    (a) an act which threatens or appears to threaten a person’s life,

    (b) an act which results in or appears to result (or be likely to result) in serious injury to a person’s anus, breasts or genitals”

    I recently spoke to a member of a lobbying group and showed them pictures from BME Hard and they said that without a doubt images contained here would be classified as extreme pornography and those viewing them could be arrested.

    This is a SERIOUS threat to certains areas of BME and I would like all BME and MODBLOG contributors (and the entire body modification community) to oppose this bill however they can.

  17. Well there is an online petition that is going straight to 10 Downing Street but really it’s about raising awareness and the possible implications for sites like these should it get passed.

  18. Well that sucks. Because this isn’t like child porn or anything.. the people posting the pictures weren’t forced into anything.. it’s just posting pictures of something they enjoy.

  19. i looked at it couldnt figure it out klicked through and still took me ten minutes to figure it out

  20. its an uncircumsized penis. the foreskin is pierced. It took me awhile to figured the jumbled mess up

  21. i wrote a long ass message about how the govt should fuck off but as usual i erase these messages before posting them
    i just wanted to state in regards to Wallwork’s word of warning that even though it seems like a really big thing that the govt might take BME from the citizenship and arrest those involved with it; it is only ONE right taken from us. they take our rights EVERY DAY in fact there ARE no rights, OR laws, they just got the guns and the cops and the army to enforce whatever they want to on the citizenship. point is you shouldn’t be sad that you may lose BME because you should NEVER HAVE BEEN HAPPY and you shouldn’t worry that you may go to jail because WE ARE ALL PRISONERS and you know this, every day theres something you cant do, because some totalitarian police or even a media crazed citizen mill condemn you for your different ways
    that you only adopted to make this prison life somewhat more entertaining
    if you dont post this message i will understand; it’s irresponsible to let this kind of stuff on your site; if i get in trouble over it you’ll get in trouble too, for not have deleting this post, i just need ONE person to read this and i’ll be happy for the night


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