15 thoughts on “Rubik’s Cube Tattoo

  1. I really love the colors and design.. but can someone explain why there are only six blocks on the top of the cube?

  2. i’m also slightly confused at the lack of squares
    but i love the colors!
    and shannon, that video you linked to on youtube was so bizarre!

  3. Shannon beat me to the answer about the missing cubits. 😉

    As a speedsolver myself, I love the idea!

  4. As I too am a speed solver (by no means record breaking though) I have thought of getting a rubiks tattoo. I just never could really deside on a good design. This one is pretty sweet though.

  5. I’m doubting the tat is actually on a speed cuber.. The colors are wrong. Blue and green are opposite colors and as anybody who solves 4x4s would know, if you had blue to the right of yellow, the top color would be orange (blue mustard blood).

    This is a detail I think should have been more important…

  6. I can see It’s a studio cube with a unique color scheme. I wonder how many times this person is gonna hear the famous unoriginal, “I use to peel the stickers.”

  7. haha thats great… i hate when people tell me “i used to peel the stickers”

    im like… ” you know it comes apart right?”

  8. To “oops”:
    Many of the original cubes had blue opposite white, instead of yellow.

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