Silly Nasallang Jewelry

Eatenplacenta from Welland has a pair of DIY 8ga nostril piercings, and a 9/16″ stretched septum — it sure looks funny when she puts a 14ga ring through all three of them, nasallang-style! You may remember this from when it was a BME cover back in July but I wanted to feature it here as well because I really got a kick out of the photo.

36 thoughts on “Silly Nasallang Jewelry

  1. Eatenplacenta is one of the few under 25s that continues to inspire me with her knowledge and understanding of piercing and bodmods.

    Long may she rule.

  2. She looks almost exactly like someone I knew in college, except for the eyes and the mods.

  3. The mods are beautifull, but her eyes.

    God, I think she could kill with them. The whole blue of them and the blue reflection in her hair. Dang.

    Looking into her eyes is like dying and going to heaven.

  4. When first I saw this I immediately thought “Modblog.” But when it failed to show up, I lost hope. But now it’s here, and it’s pretty awesome.

  5. What a beautiful person, and nice to talk to. When I was modblogged, someone said that her and I looked alike[haha, yah right!] she is just, Ah =]

  6. i don’t understand how it could be thought as a “sex mod” haha. i was basically playing with jewellery while on webcam with my lover (IAM: gone), thought it would look silly so gave it a try and took a photo.

  7. Oh my fucking goddess, This girl is incredibly beautiful!!! I’m lost in her eyes n_n
    Her partner is really really lucky!!!

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