Slave M in Sydney

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52 thoughts on “Slave M in Sydney

  1. Okay, I’ve clicked through and I’m still confused.
    What is the white thing, and did they take out the piercings before putting it in, or what?

  2. Arrgh I have vaginismus. I find it difficult to fit a penis in there. Stretchy-vagina photos squick me out!

    Lovin’ the piercings though.

  3. Someone needs something a bit larger than the average man to..well. Know it’s there.


  4. Erm.. she has a strange thing under the vaginal opening. It looks kinda like my urethra, but it’s at the bottom. WHAT IS IT??

  5. Finally a Sydney post..not quite what I may have imagined, but yay for putting Sydney on the modblog map with thingy..;)

  6. i thought it was a saline breast implant, but now i’m just amazed…that’s just wow

  7. how did she get so goddamn hairless down there? and i feel like an idiot, but can someone tell me what the larger gauge piercings are on ?? her inner or outer labia? now i feel like a dunce. (i am female).

  8. *whistles appreciatively*

    I’ve always been amazed at the flexability of the female anotomy. And yeah, thats kinda hot.

  9. And if you were going to get a Brazilian – you would have to have some one who could wax around the piercings – I wonder if she has it in all the time? What would you do if it burst at an unfortunate time?

  10. “How to not give birth prematurely – Body Modders”

    Jesus. That picture makes my own vajayjay hurt (yes i said vajayjay). *covers lower regions*

  11. This is so awkward, but I have an almost identical hemorrhoid. I was always self conscious about it, but Hell! I guess that’s pretty unnecessary.

  12. I’m pretty sure from staring at that picture for way too long that is a folded over double ended dildo. :|

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