Eva Angelina’s Navel Piercing Project

I thought I should follow up on the Moni Michaels drama with another porn star piercing project by Tommy T’s Body Piercing in Huntington Beach, California… He did this navel project on Eva Angelina using 14ga 3/8″ surface barbells with 45 degree angles and 3/16″ CZ gems. Click through if you prefer a little less clothing.

100 thoughts on “Eva Angelina’s Navel Piercing Project

  1. i had this done except with 5 normal naval bars, BIG MISTAKE, they all except one rejected and now have scars in a star haha pretty cool but not as good 🙁

  2. Yeah…why are we seeing her breasts? This site keeps geting more and more pornagraphic.

  3. … just wait for complaints too start lol.

    Very nice piercings thou, and I agree with ther person above about the nipples being pierced…

  4. I agree, I think she needs some nipple bling. Her nipples are incredibly close to the rest of her skin tone, the bling might give them a little more flash! I like the belly button bling, I’m not usally a belly button piercing fan, but she made it more interesting so I like it. I wonder how long it will last.

  5. i decided against a navel piercing because eventually i realized that i don’t like how they look on an aesthetic level, and because they’ve been filed unfairly into being a piercing for porn stars and sorority sisters.

    at least i opted out because i didn’t like it personally, not because “it’s for porn stars”

  6. ..I think she’s really pretty the way she is. If I hadn’t seen the site, I wouldn’t have believed she was a porn star. She seems.. a lot more genuine than most.

  7. I’d imagine that it might be hard to heal/keep nipple piercings in her line of work..? *not sure* I like her navel though, and she look so friendly/nice! Maybe it’s the ponytail and glasses. *shrugs*

  8. “Cum inside, I’m waiting” lol… Well I love her navel project and she’s very cute.

  9. Socialcoma, you’re seeing her breasts because you clicked through after reading: ‘Click through if you prefer a little less clothing.’

  10. I love that idea. That must be hell to heal though.

    On a side note, her teeth are fucking perfect! I’m jealous for sure.

  11. yay! i love porn and this girl is so cute. I know when i’m in my 40′s i’ll be all shocked at how young looking the girls are but for now i don’t like watching porn with girls older than me in it. plus her belly button is really nicely done, i’m thinking about doing something similar really soon

  12. When i first saw the pic i thought, damn, that girl should be doing porn! and lo and behold 😛

    Thank god for sluts ahaha 🙂

  13. Sasha…it’s still on the site which IS becoming more and more pornographic.

    Rick James…You’re the worst

  14. I agree with socialcoma… I mean her breasts have nothing to do with the piercing, or body modification unless you count implants as that (which I know it technically is….), I don’t think that just because this is a body mod site that everyone here automatically wants to see and perv over a pair of -fake- breasts as an added bonus in a post ultimately (or perhaps ‘supposedly’ is the better choice of words here) about a navel piercing (though to be honest, I didn’t know they were fake until I read the comments. Giving more validity to the argument that it just seems unnecessary to show that picture of her since it’s not exactly an obvious modification). Nor is it much fun to read some of the really quite frankly laughable comments that are posted from people who seem to care way too much about whacking off to internetz pawnawgraffies.

    But yeah, freedom of speech and all that jazz, right? Too bad most of the people speaking are idiots.

  15. Aimee, maybe people just like to appreciate the human body, if she wants to show her breasts, and people want to look at them, then whats the problem. You didn’t have to click to see her breasts, its a choice. Also, they are pretty obviously implants, and therefore a modification. I might agree with you, if the picture was just a picture of her tits, but it wasn’t, it still had the piercings showing, so it seems fairly relevant. Plus she is in the field of pornography, so a photo of her showing her tits being posted really doesn’t seem very odd.

  16. i think shes gorgeous, what she does as a profession is up to her, and no one else. also, breast implants ARE a modification.
    i like how self righteous everyone here is, when in turned circumstances, we would be the ones being looked down upon due to our appearances. not to mention the fact that breast implants are a pretty heavy modification (albeit a somewhat overly criticized one)
    i think it still has its place in here.

  17. She’s really cute and doesn’t look hard and bitchy like some (porn) actresses. Even the boobie job looks great. I like her.

    Nice navel project too.

  18. umm, so, has anyone looked at the shop’s website? anti bacterial soap is recommended as after care and for oral piercings listerine every two hours is.

  19. Dammit.. I read “Nipple Piercing porject” in the rss feed and became disappointed when I opened the page and saw it was “Navel”.

    But Shannon to the rescue !!! Thanx for the click through I got what I was after/longing for anyway, yay !! Modblog rocks !

    (Hey, I’m not a prev, honestly.. =) )

  20. Why are people geting upset over boobs exactly?

    “This site keeps geting more and more pornagraphic.”

    There’s nothing wrong with that, some people find mods sexy! You’ve seen BMEhard, right?

  21. It’s simple, if you don’t like what you see here..
    Don’t come here ! No one is forcing you..

    There is especially no reason to complain since everything relating pornographic is blurred and only viewable after click troughs with warnings before. Don’t click then if you are such a tight ass.. Or perhaps you need someone to pry that open for you.. >)..

  22. I dont know whats so exciting about seeing a girls boobs if shes a porn star.. havent you (and half the world) already seen them, and seen dudes (and half the world) shoot on um?

  23. my husband just pointed out to me that this girl is, in fact, in a porn that we own. odd that i didn’t recognize her. maybe because most of that scene involves just her ass while some guy pounds it into her and you hardly see her face at all.

    go figure.

  24. On the subject of breasts…Every pair of breasts are different and worth a pause for reflection. Why is it wrong to admire mother natures handywork?? As for the piercings they look gorgeous, however i must admit thinking perhaps her proffesion may not help the healing process. Good luck to the lass I say…who’s with me?

  25. N°5: “Yeah…why are we seeing her breasts?”

    because we can and because her breasts are worth a look 😉

  26. #37, I think that the 45° means that the surface bars (the jewelry itself if you know how surface bars look like) is at 45° angle, not the placement in the circle around the navel.

  27. Sheesh! It doesn’t matter wether you like seeing her breasts or not (I do), because your opinion has no relevance here. This is Shannon’s *personal* blog, and he can post here whatever the hell he wants. I click through everything just because I’m curious. I don’t have to look at things that make me cringe, neither do you have to look at things that you don’t like. Move on and find something else to bitch about. Something important, maybe…

    (It’s way too early for me to be posting, so excuse the poor grammar, spelling, syntax, and all that. It’s way too early for me to be posting… I hope my point somehow made it through.)

  28. My point was that this post was supposedly about the navel piercing, so what’s the point in showing her with “a little less clothing”? Just because she’s a porn star?

    Whatever though, apparently me having a dislike for other people being perved over and treated like objects only means I’m a self-righteous tight ass.

  29. socialcoma and Aimée, if the photo has to be clicked on to be of a “pornographic” nature, and you’re not into seeing those kind of photos then why click on the picture?
    It’s not as though anyone is forcing you onto this site, and making you look at the breasts.
    Shannon specifically told you before you clicked on it that there would be more skin, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know that it’s going to be more “pornographic”.

    What I like the most is Aimée ending her post with “Too bad most of the people speaking are idiots.” You just feel like you need to go that extra inch to make people feel attacked. If you have to go out of your way to inflict damage on someone, even verbal damage then they aren’t the idiot…

  30. And I imagine that both pictures were posted, the one with and without clothes, because those are the pictures that she sent in. Why not post them if she’s willing for people to see her in that light? Again, it’s not as though anyone is being forced to look at them.
    If she feels good enough about her body to pose like that, more power to her. Lots of people don’t.

  31. Nah, it doesn’t. It’s just not relevant…

    Of course, this is only my opinion, and it doesn’t really matter here. But this has been discussed here over and over, and I think it’s getting pretty pointless. It’s all been said already, and you (and me too, probably) are just rehashing the same things over and over and over again….

    And even more importantly, as I said, it’s a personal blog where Shannon posts photos he likes. That includes boobs, pretty girls, exposed testicles, people poking themsleves with huge skewers, etc. Some I like, some I don’t. It doesn’t matter wether I approve or not, it’s his blog. He said it numerous times. He posts what he likes. I just don’t see a point going over all that again… and again… and again…

  32. The second shot is 100% relevant to who Eva is, and I don’t think it’s unreasonable to include it for that reason alone — I try and post people in the way they choose to present themselves. Plus it’s funny watching prudes freak out over Tommy T’s posts.

  33. a) this is shannon’s blog. he can post whatever the hell he wants
    b) you were warned what you’d get if you clicked through
    c) the girl obviously has no qualms about posing like that so any argument claiming that it’s degrading her is just ridiculous. yes people will “perve” over her and view her as an object. but do you really think she didn’t know this when she went into the industry? she’s a porn star. it’s her job to be “perved over.”
    d) shannon just made an excellent point. she posed like this. it’s how she chose to present herself. why shouldn’t he post a picture of how she CHOSE to present herself? you should be thanking him for making it a click-through to give you a CHOICE as well on whether or not to see her breasts.
    e) grow the fuck up.

  34. She has a beautiful smile!! Lol, and I love the way people freak over boobs…too funny.

  35. I feel like people here (or anywhere I guess) don’t give pornstars enough credit.
    Shannon posts a lot of ‘gratuitous nudidty’, but it’s always the breast implant gratuitous nudidity that gets negative comments.
    See also: pornstars, myspace girls, sexoholics.

    Eva is drop-dead gorgeous and that piercing is awesome.

  36. People in the sex industry always get a hard time (no pun intended).
    I can’t count the number of times I’ve been *passively* attacked for my involvement, not only from fucked-up clients but from so-called ‘liberal’ and ‘free-thinking’ individuals.
    It’s probably a cliche, but I think people’s unhappiness with it arises from a deep and profound discomfort with their own sexuality and body image.
    Just like it’s easy to attack an attractive person for their possession of a quality that represents something the attacker is struggling with – something they can’t ‘grasp’ – so too is it easy to attack the individuals and the industry that embody an experience not available or achievable to all people, namely total sexual outrageousness.
    But we don’t generally attack painters for being able to capture a landscape in a way we wish we could, do we? Nor do we attack a successful athlete for their supreme physical mastery, even though you *could* argue that they encourage an industry and a lifestyle which promotes activities which prematurely age the body.
    Of course we don’t, because that would be unreasonable and unfair, and it would create a world in which every tall poppy was cut down and all variety and confrontation was missing.
    Sure, the sex industry has it’s problems, every industry has its horror stories, but its an industry that provides a lot of pleasure for many people, and employment opportunities for people who would otherwise be stuck in another crappy hospitality/cleaning/sales job they absolutely hate, a job that is just as, if not more, exploitative and menial than prostitution or pornography. Unlike the homogenous muck being served at McDonalds, at least when you’re sucking cock or eating pussy, every meal tastes different.
    Anyway, as crystallinectar says, “grow the fuck up”.
    Oh, BTW, I love the piercings!

  37. cystallinectar–thanks for reminding some people here of their ABC’s 🙂
    the navel project is cute; i really think it suits her
    and personally, i didn’t click through on this photo, because i knew what was coming, and i knew i didn’t care to look–it’s a matter of personal preference. the click-through gave you that option…so stop whining

  38. My primary concern is not to be a “self righteous tight ass” but is that BME is an amazing resource that has been banned and will be banned in other country’s. This is a great concern to me since I appreciate the culture that evolves from the input of people worldwide and the education it provides to those looking to redesign there physical bodies to suit there needs. It bothers me to think a bunch of people are dangerously riskng their lives due to the fact that BME has been banned in their country’s due to what is and is deemed pornagraphic content. Blatant display’s of this type of content only feed that particular justification that BME is a porn site and falls into said category.
    For the record…

    I have no problem with breasts what so ever. Implants are a type of modification.

    I have seen BME hard.

    It is Shannon’s personal blog and I appreciate him working so hard and diligently to make it so. I do like what I see and that’s why I return.Again, I am concerned for the greater community and the ability for everyone to benefet from BME’s educational content. If man chest was taboo for some goverment types and that would get bme banned I would side with a certain amount of discretion to the public placement of that content as well.

    I have no problem with man chest whats so ever.

    I have no problem with porn or pornstars for that matter.

  39. socialcoma – While I understand your fear, I am not the kind of guy that censors himself because some government somewhere says that they don’t think people should be allowed to talk about [insert subject here]. Really, where do I draw that line? What the UK thinks is illegal? What the USA thinks is illegal? What China thinks is illegal? What Iran thinks is illegal? What Canada thinks is illegal? What The Netherlands thinks is illegal?

    None of the above.

    My feeling is that BME should publish whatever the community wants to express, legality aside, short of obviously suicidal content like underage adult content of course.

    Giles – I didn’t expect you to be into vanilla pornstars, except in private when no one is looking 😛

  40. Shannon, Thank you for your response. While I fully understand and support the idea that the BMEdraws the line I am of the school of thought that everything has it’s place. Eva’s modifications are just as legit as your’s,mine or Gile’s and I feel as for the good of the worldwide community they may be better placed in an area that doesn’t add more fuel to an already volatile situation that could possibly have extremely negative effects for many many people and those around them as well as modification enthusiast’s rights. Modblog is as public as it get’s. It presents a portal into our worlds that many see as whatever…unfit, immoral..i don’t think I need to addnything else to this list as we are well aware. Placing such content in an area that isn’t as public and requires either a contribution or a monetary payment may help defend the site as well as those who choose to use it as the valuable resource it is. Who the fuck am I … I don’t even have an active iam account anymore. I do care and enjoy this community in my own way and would like to see it preserved for my own selfish desires as well as for others. Long story short…it’s not a matter of censorship but a matter of content placement. I would never ask you to censor yourself or BME as a whole as it would isolate many unfairly.

    I love your chestpiece by the way. Fab

  41. If ModBlog or BME is censored or banned in any country it will NOT be Shannon’s fault but rather that of an oppressive regime that dictates what you can and cannot see.

    Even if you hate every entry and modification on ModBlog it is your right to be able to view it as an adult.

  42. I was blocked from ModBlog, BME, IAM, Zentastic, etc. while I was in the hospital… but that’s a private network that’s offered as a free courtesy to guests so I wasn’t too offended.

  43. I am by no means placing blame on anyone or hating what I view in any concrete intellectual position in regards to BME. Nor am I a censorship advocate as I have already stated. I do recognize through my own experience that fighting instituions in any shape or form is one of tact until the position is held to tear down literally of figuratively the walls that restrain.BME serves as a platform in some respects to allow for an alternative to be expressed. To allow it to be destroyed by a goverment for something that can be avoided altogether is a bit of a waste in my humble opinion.

  44. It would be a crime for me not to comment considering the amount of porn I watch, especiall featuring Eva Angelina. So yeah, post. There’s a crapload of modded pornstars, just a few days ago I saw a girl with stretched lobes and a septum piercing in a piece of mainstream porn. Wasn’t fetish or anything. Go the modded people in all walks of life. Slowly and surely we proliferate the sleeping masses! 🙂

  45. flesh colored nipples always kinda freak me out. but she’s cute and the piercings look good.

  46. i love naked boobies, so please keep ‘em coming!

    but i think she’s cuter on modblog than on her actual website. anyone else?

  47. Giles- Not a matter of censorship, a matter of placement of content like this example within BME in areas that require a contribution or membership which also require checking off the boxes that protect BME legally from individuals that would like to see it’s demise.

    In my eyes Shannon self censoring would be the absence of this particular type of content altogether from the whole of BME. Eva definetly has her place within BME as do you and I.

  48. 1) I didn’t realise her boobs were fake.
    2) I thought there were going to be nipple peircings when I clicked through.

  49. no one forced her nakedness on any of you crying about it. its optional to click through.

    personally i don’t see nakedness offensive. im a guy and i can appreciate both male and female beauty. modblog always has some very interesting people to look at. i’m even thankful for the people that post pictures of their mods that im not a particular fan of.

    i hope modblog stays as is. Shannon runs the site perfectly, really, he’s fucking badass and i hope none of the complainers ever change his mind

  50. OMG ure belly button is class, ive had mine pierced for the 4th time now and don’t know how it’s going to do, it rejected on me 3 times,ures is class i wish that mine wud heal just like ures. Any tips for me??? Carla xXx

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