Chest: Censored

This giant black chest bar (which I would have loved to tag aggressively) belongs to Marcell, who was tattooed by Jerson Filho at Jerson Tattoo Studio in Brasília, Brazil… I don’t know if anyone remembers, but about ten years ago there were photos in the tattoo magazines of a pretty Asian girl that had a similar tattoo across her forehead, almost like cartoon Groucho Marx eyebrows — anyone that might have a photo of that one, please post a picture of it and link it from the comment forum (and if you know why, please tell me)!

23 thoughts on “Chest: Censored

  1. looks like there’s more all black on his left arm and some scars on his right… would love to see them as well!! love the black chest bar!!

  2. leroy, i don’t have an IAM account so I can’t send you a special message, but I agree with you completely: “yey for blackwork!!”!

  3. I’m strangely drawn to this. It’s not normally something I find aesthetically pleasing, but I think it’s sexy in this case.

  4. I think that would look better with some scarification going in and out, but thats just my opinion.. not the biggest fan of it, I’m more of a fan of stuff that works with the body.
    My big opinion is: If YOU like it, go for it!

  5. oooh… what’s the plan for this?
    Looks well executed.
    I notice the black work on his bicep there too.
    What’s the big picture idea here mate?

  6. Makes me want to write on it with a white grease pencil. It’d be like a chalkboard 😀

    /in a goofy mood, sorry

  7. losubres: I agree; skin removal could look pretty cool over this – that’s the first thing I thought when I saw the photo.

    But I actually think it looks pretty awesome right now 🙂 I love blackwork tattoos.

  8. Shannon, I remember the woman with the “Groucho Marx” eyebrows too! I found I had a picture and posted it to my Iam page.

  9. Is this the same guy posted a while back with the play piercings over the tattoo? Anyway, I really like them as they are, especially the one on his arm.

  10. Wow! How is it so very black? It looks a lot blacker than most I’ve seen, is it just the pictures? Or has it just been done?

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