Rapid N2O Inflation

This rapid inflation (liquid infusions take hours, whereas gas infusions take minutes) — under full pressure in these pictures — was done using nitrous oxide gas the day after a two liter saline infusion got everything all stretched out. This is of course temporary play, and for those into it, obviously feels great (loads more in BME/HARD).

50 thoughts on “Rapid N2O Inflation

  1. Wow – does it feel good in a painful way or in a pleasureable way? (Not having those particular parts, I can’t even imagine!)

  2. Since it is done by gas, does that mean, essentially, that it’s comparable to a inflated balloon?

    As opposed to say, a water-bomb when done with a liquid.

    (if that makes any sense?)

  3. wow, this is fascinating me in a weird way.
    i wounder where you insert the gas? through the urethra?

  4. This is very odd…in a good and freaky way. It makes me wonder, you’re sitting there bored and think “Hey…I think I’ll put laughing gas into my package!”

    Does the gas just reabsorb into the system? Do you get any effect like being woozy? (Pardon, I don’t know about the workings of the gas besides the fact it knocks your ass out.)

    At least it’s not flammable like helium…

  5. That’s so confusing. I have no idea how that would even be accomplished.

    …but it makes me wish I had a sac to inflate. o.O

  6. the onl;y thing that confuses me is the lack of a glans (?)… Did he have a glansectomy or is he uncircumcised and the foreskin isn’t pulled back somehow? or is it just hard to distinguish due to the N2O? Hmmm….

    It does look like a bong though 😛

  7. @ 25

    he is circumcised. i think it just got stretched out into one smooth cucumber. if you look at the last picture on the lower right you can see the slight bulge of the base of the umm… “mushroom head,” to put it technically.

  8. That’s totally amazing.
    Of course I don’t have the equipment to ever try it myself…

  9. Does this cause any damage to the testes? With NO absorption into the testes or the pressure? Or the cold temperature? Can’t say that it tempts me aesthetically. I don’t know if I would be interested in the sensation if I had a set.

  10. Agreed a waste of nang, however does anyone know how it get in there??? He has a nos machine in corner, but proably just for the photo??

  11. I hope those of you who think Helium is flammable don’t do any of this! Helium is completely inert. Look it up. Your too ignorant to do this. Before you blow a gasket, your not stupid, just ignorant. Learn and you won’t be ignorant. Also those of you who asked if he got high like this, stay away from this. To get high on N20 you have to breath it so it is in the blood stream via the normal O2 path, “Lungs to blood!” N20 like this is just in the cavity of the Scrotum where the testicles are. Do not inject this stuff into your veins trying to get high it will kill you in seconds. Your circulatory system does not handle gas. No he didn’t do this via the urethra. That would just fill your bladder.
    He did this with a small needle inserted through the skin and into the cavity of his Scrotum.
    One other thing. When he lets the restriction loose, string, ring, strap, whatever a large portion of the gas is going to immediately move into his peritoneum. It will then move upwards in the body until it is in the sinuses and other cavities in the head. You have never heard as bad a sounding voice with a cold. Same sound but this will make it really sound bad.
    No it doesn’t hurt but it isn’t exactly safe either.
    Yes I’ve done this, but I don’t make a habit of it as you can hurt yourself like this.
    Stick with sterile saline. Don’t make it yourself, buy it from a medical supply house. Be very careful about being sterilizing the area before you insert the needle. Don’t handle any of the stuff with your bare hands, use sterile new gloves. You can get them at the drug store.
    If you have a lot of time on you hands then inject about 250 cc of 20% dextrose instead of a liter of saline.
    Dextrose will cause fluids from your body to move into the scrotum to neutralize the dextrose to normal concentration.
    What this will do is cause to the size to increase until it is neutralized.
    If you inject as much as you can hold, as you would with normal saline you will regret it for days if you don’t wind up in the hospital. Much pain. Skin damage to stretching etc.
    If you decide to watch your scrotum/sack grow over hours then use a small amount of 20% dextrose. When you have done a small amount and it isn’t getting any larger then if you could have used more do it. Do it carefully, don’t over do it!


  12. That looks fantastic and I’d love to try it. I use weights to stretch my sack, so it’d probably inflate quite nicely. If I could find someone in the uk to teach me I think I could become addicted.

  13. I´m not shure if I undestand well – what cavity is inflated?
    Cavum serosum scroti?

  14. Goodness me, those are amazing results! Adventurous to use a gas. I see you use a pretty involves cincture setup, I just put some saline in last night, ah… big balls…. Groovy idea.

  15. Pete,
    How long does the injection of 250cc Dextrose take to swell to max size and then go back to normal size. Longer than Saline Inject?

  16. I recently tried with girlfriend inflating me. The problem – she was slightly buzzed of only 1 small cola and rum. She became highly excited and she didn’t want to stop the inflation. She did not stop on her own even after repeated requests. Obviously she had good experience by making it difficult to halt the inflation by myself. My penis disappeared into scrotum and it was 24 1/4 inches in circumference and inflated more from other peripheral areas that became inflated. I basically kicked her out of the way . She became angry and came back with a hand bicycle pump and needle. She was intent then to make me suffer. She inserted the needle and made on complete push on handle down the cylinder. I immediately became overinflated with air. Then one more but mid cycle she just stopped. I do no know how big I was then. But, the pleasure was her’ s not mine for the next 8 days. HERE IS MY SUGGESTION: ALWAYS BE IN CONTROL – DO NOT EVER DO THIS IF YOU OR SOMEONE ELSE IS EVEN SLIGHTLY BUZZED-WHERE GOOD SENSE IS EVEN SLIGHTLY IMPAIRED. ALWAYS HAVe A WAY OUT. NEVER ALLOW BEING RESTRAINED IN ANY WAY. Always take care. Basically, just don’t do this with nitrous oxide with air mixed in- like the bicycle pump. Just don’t do this at all. My girlfriend was a nurse and talked me into this. I had to deal with a huge inflation for 3 days with very little change and then gradually got smaller where only I could tell. I say the air pumped In made the swelling resolve very slowly. Please listen to me. DO NOT DO THIS. It is embarrassing to explain ER . They may call police for battery or worse. Girlfriend is no more. She did not have good intentions. What a mistake. The problem there is that she is likely to do it to someone else. Nitrous oxide resolves quickly but not immediately. Air takes a much much longer time

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