"The Boy With Kaleidoscope Eyes"

If BME had a mascot, it should be Pauly! These are his new implants, done about a month and a half ago by Howie (LunaCobra.net).

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Shannon Larratt is the founder of BME (1994) and its former editor and publisher. After a four year hiatus between 2008 and 2012, Shannon is back adding his commentary to ModBlog. It should be noted that any comments in these entries are the opinion of Shannon Larratt and may or may not be shared by BMEzine.com LLC or the other staff or members of BME. Entry text Copyright © Shannon Larratt. Reproduced under license by BMEzine.com LLC. Pictures may be copyright to their respective owners. You can also find Shannon at Zentastic or on Facebook.

104 thoughts on “"The Boy With Kaleidoscope Eyes"

  1. I know this isn’t fashionable to say because everyone thinks this guy is great…but I totally hate nostril tunnels that big. I personally strongly dislike looking INTO someone’s nose.

  2. man i love pauly. such a cool guy. i dont see why you would have a problem with him or hid modifications. if you have shit to talk keep it to yourself.

  3. You know… speaking as an uninvolved third party, this is one of the few “extreme” facial mod sets I’ve seen that actually is complementary to his face. Most anymore seem to be going for the craziest they can manage… this guy seems to have some sense of what he’s doing. … Of course, I might just be distracted by the glasses.

  4. I’m not a huge fan of the giant nostril holes either, I love punched nostrils, but personally I think thats a bit over the top. There are pleanty of people out there though, including many tribal people that love giant nose holes, so beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess. Plus I feel that he deserves some props for the amount of time effort and pain it would take to get them that big, I mean thats commitment.

    On another note, I want his glasses.

  5. #7: I’m curious about that to.
    If BME gets a mascot, it should definetly be Pauly. :)

  6. I really like Pauly. He’s a nice dude with a great set of mods. If you’re tired of him, shut up. He’s not a fad or a fashion, he’s a person, and a damn nice one at that.

  7. Ariel, I think what Ace actually said was “HE’s not a fad or a fashion” which is talking about his identity, not the reason behind his mods. And besides, just because you alter the way you look, whether it’s with clothes or mods, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing it for “fashion.” The reasons behind modifications can be superficial, but they can also go much deeper. The way we choose to present ourselves to others can be much deeper than just fitting into a “look.”

    I really like Pauly’s expression in this picture. And while I’m not a fan of big stretched nostrils myself, what the hell does that matter? He is and props to him for going for it, even with all the haters!

  8. I can’t say I’m sick of him because I’ve always thought he’s turned himself into a permanent clown.

  9. Well I don’t like his nostrils either but I can’t say I’m getting tired of him. I don’t even know him … (sure I know he’s popular here but that doesn’t bother me)

  10. More Pauly love. While I must admit the whole “seeing into his head” with the tunnels does squick me a bit, Pauly’s overall aesthetic keeps him on top of my list of people to meet before I die.

    I ask you, how many other people could actually pull off wearing those glasses?

  11. i like the glasses with the other massive holes on his face it makes him look like a weird alien that you think would be scary then has a british accent and asks you if you would like some tea. while i would personnally never go to the extremes he has im amazed he can get a job, great job pauly.

  12. I don’t why everyone gets so defensive and is like “quit talking shit”. It doesn’t sound like people are talking shit about him. Just saying they’re tired of his pictures reoccuring on modblog, not necessarily him as a person. Whats it matter? There are tons of people who love him.

    I think his pictures are fun and hes a great example of what mods are possible. I think it’s fun to see his recent additions. It would be really cool to see like a time lapse, like a slideshow of old to recent pics.

  13. what i love about Pauly is that he does his mods for himself and not for anyone else, so really an opinion is irrelevant. if you dont like it, dont look at it, and keep your unnecessary comments to yourself, he doesnt do what he does to please you or anyone else.

  14. i think he pulls it off quite well!

    and whether or not you’re a fan of his mods, you gotta applaud someone with that much commitment to their art

  15. Pauly’s great.

    I don’t care for the large nostrils but that’s my OPINION. Just like people don’t care for my 0g lobes or septum. That’s THEIR opinions.

  16. Seems like a real nice guy, I’m just not a big fan of his mods. I don’t like huge nostrils. To Evan (#8), it seems to me that the people on here who said they’re tired of him weren’t being disrespectful, just voicing an opinion. And yeah, if you’re not a fan of someone’s mods and you see their photo on here once every 2 weeks, it might get tiresome. However, someone saying they don’t like big nostrils doesn’t equal talking shit.

  17. >>>I want to see him without all of his plugs :)

    According to his IAM he did this quite recently although he deleted the pics.

    Come on Pauly, despite our differences you and I know those piccies will be very sexy.

  18. This picture sorta reminds me of Gizmo for some reason.

    To the Paulie Haters and Lovers…Don’t take yourselves to seriously…forming opinions about a b rate internet celebrity is not exactly …well I let you figure that one out.

  19. joobie: haha, a timelapse of Pauly from naked face to as he is now would be so awesome!

    I don’t much like to big nostrils either, but I think the new implants look great. And I’ve got to respect the fact that he’s going his own way with his body, I think it takes courage to do that.

  20. I think there should be a poll as to whether or not Pauly should become the official BME mascott. Seriously.

  21. I appear to be the only one who actually kinda likes his big nostrils :o. I think in general smaller ones look better, but his suit him.
    I like this picture, especially the cotrast between his outfit (white shirt and tie) and mods.
    I’m not really into having Paul as an official mascot, ’cause he represents the more extreme side of the whole thing. But at the same time, he does show the commitment and love for body modifications, that we all share. Arg, I’m torn and undecided :D I don’t think I would hate it, even if he did become the mascot.

  22. I love this guy!
    While I wouldn’t stretch my nostrils large, what’s not to love about him doing it? What’s not to love about a person who’s taking life to the point that he wants to live (and look) it?

  23. I love that people like Pauly are pushing the boundaries of, if not what is IS to be a human being, what it is to LOOK like a human being.

  24. to all the people who are judging those who they feel are judging, think of it this way. when you eat a pack of your favorite candy, you feel swell. you eat a pound of your favorite candy, you never want to see that candy again.

  25. The weird thing is that the big nose-tunnels are making the tip of his nose look like an “ass”. In German it would be ass nose – “Arschnase”.

  26. i honestly dont see how my nose looks like an ass at all haha

    i mean if you ass looks like that you have a problem, i mean there is no crack of hole its just flat

    thats a weirddddd asss haha

  27. amazing you can hear with diamonds in your ears.


    do you still have that heart implant?

  28. Did I miss something?
    I thought he had cheek and monroe piercings, and snakebites.
    Am i losing more of my mind?
    when did he retire them?!

  29. @Fred: no, I didn’t mean that, I meant it on the funny side. Also, Mona isn’t a man.

  30. It’s called “freedom of speech”, Evan, and if we didn’t have it, this guy wouldn’t be able to have all these body mods. Also, if someone doesn’t want “shit” talked about them, they shouldn’t post their pictures on the internet in the first place. I’m sure he’s used to it IRL by now and probably likes the attention anyway. At any rate, I actually like the nose tunnels… easy access for picking!

  31. CapnCaveman: its called common courtesy which apparently doesn’t exist in this world anymore

    you are wrong in saying just because someone posts there pictures on the internet its ok to talk shit to them, and yes there is shit talk going on in this forum

    like i really care people talk shit about him however, ill do what i do regardless of what anyone thinks, evan is a friend so i am choosing to defend him

    he i guess lives by that little used word what do they call it….oh yeah politeness

    my only beef is people throw out insults left and right but stay anonymous, how honorable

  32. amazing to see on other but you would never see it on me!!!!!!!!!! I will put only the kaleidoscope glasses

  33. Oh yeah and one more thing,

    CapnCaveman, I do agree with you except for one thing- I don’t think he has this stuff for attention. I know all my mods are for me, as are most people that I know. We do what makes us happy, if it attracts attention or not, could matter less to us (or at least for myself, sorry if I’m putting words in anyones mouth :-/ )

  34. i have read alot of post and for the most part people are saying if you don’t like the way he looks keep it to yourself. no one has called him dumb or made distasteful comments about him. they have stated their opinions and said thats not their thing. that was not talking shit. this place would be really boring if everyone had the same exact comment and no one had an opinion of their own. i had 4 of my teeth sharpened into points and i hear people tell me all the time they think its cheesy. they don’t like them. but it doesn’t bother me, because they don’t say god you suck, your stupid. all they say is they don’t like them

  35. Personal opinion here, but I think it is sad to see someone do this to him/herself. What do you honestly think it is going to look like in 30 years? Do you think this will ever be widely accepted by society? If you are doing hair and makeup, if I walked into a place that employed you or someone with extreme mods like you have, I would leave. But again, this is my opinion only. We all have a right to this, and I feel positive that there are others out there that find my opinion unpopular. God Bless.

  36. Yes, #86 is right. #2 and others need to understand it is called freedom of speech. And, you do not have the right to never be offended. If you do not like someone’s comment, too bad. It is still a (sort of) free country. Some people like the modifications, some people don’t. So what? This is not important, and the guy’s mods have no meaning other that to himself. Move on….

  37. I’m old enough to be Pauly’s mum and I think he’s adorable! I’m a bit worried about what the holes will look like when he is my age but I guess he will cross that bridge when he comes to it. In the meantime he is a very nice guy and doesn’t deserve to get so much crap from people just because he chooses to look a bit different from everyone else. I think he has the right to do that and it isn’t anyone’s business but his. We can look at obese people who show their butt cracks or bellys to us and don’t make near the stink we do about what Pauly is doing. Go figure….. Doesn’t make sense to me!

  38. i really like pauly’s mods, but i don’t understand how someone could deal with all the attention one would get from it! i don’t like to be oogled on the street… anyways, like the implants a ton.

  39. This guy just seems like an attention addict. I’ve had piercings in various places, no tattoos as yet although I think I’ve found one that means enough for me to live with forever. To me, and i know it’s just my opinion, he’s desperate to be something special and is doing in in the most superficial way possible. When you actually talk to Some of the extreme body modifiers they’re pretty boring. They spend waaay too much time thinking about appearances. I lost all my hair at a young age so I feel like au natural freak. I wear a wig because I want people to pay attention to ME and not my appearance because, from long experience, appearances don’t really mean anything. Extreme body modifiers feel differently I think. I think he’s scared for people to see HIM.

  40. Why do people love this sort of stuff – the guy looks like a right prat.

    I wonder what’ll happen to his ears if he catches one of those ear tunnels on a branch or something.

    God only knows what happens when he sneezes – I wouldn’t want to be standing anywhere within 8 feet of him when he does!

    Disturbing is putting it mildly – I may be liberal, but this is just plain stupid!

  41. I agree. This guy looks like he’s spent too much time on this site.

    Talk about trying to keep up with the Jones, or the Shannon’s as this case happens to be.

    How silly and how sad.

  42. I’m not a big fan of having nostril tunnels that big, I don’t like the idea of being able to see into someones nostril. But none the less, I think he looks great.

    P.S; I like the labrette.

  43. holy shit dud how did he get his ears that big im only at 30 and i got shit all room left lol
    he stole my idea of the nose ones and where did he get his jewlry from

  44. Watching this hurts. This should be posted on a SM website.
    And it’s not pretty (imo and ioo too). If you disagree get help.

  45. hey man totally respect the corage to do something like this,its not for everyone. where on earth did you find kaledescope glasses? ive been looking for a pair for years!

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