Big Six-Point Star Scar

SavageGypsy in Chicago had this great big star-implying skin removal done by a guy who’s name rhymes with sprayed fun (how many times can I really type his name before I get bored?). I hope she doesn’t mind me including this, but her idiotic (ex)-boyfriend refused to continue seeing her because he thought they were an insult to “people who have endured injuries to get ‘real’ scars” (as if that even makes any sense) — I think she’s better off without him. But still, it makes me sad when couples have problems over body modification (it’s a very common problem) because it shows that the one person never really understood or empathized with the other…

But hey, I know there are a zillion readers/submittors here that are looking for people with voluntary scars!

42 thoughts on “Big Six-Point Star Scar

  1. her boyfriend can suck my (metaphorical) cock.

    my hubby wasn’t very into body mods before me, but he was at least always of the “they’re a part of you, and i love all of you, therefore i love your mods as well” mindset.

    now he’s gotten himself quite a few piercings and tattoos and is doing a suspension with me next month. his mother thinks i’ve ruined him 🙂

    anyone who can’t at least respect your decisions to modify yourself, whether they like/agree with them or not, isn’t worth your time anyway.

  2. Yup I was just dumped as well. One of the reasons was he was not fond of my intrest in tattoos, piercings, and suspension. I have to agree that people who can’t understand or accept you for everything you are are not worth dating.

  3. Yeah and you shouldn’t make love because there are women who get raped and it’s a lack of respect towards them !

  4. yes, and we also shouldn’t eat, because there are people who haven’t got any food, and it’s insulting to them.

  5. I had a relationship end too because of my significant other’s problems with me getting more tattoo work. In the grand scheme, it wasn’t too big of a loss.

  6. I bet most of us have some sort of story like this. I was once in a really bad relationship with a guy who despised my stretched ears. When it looked like it was going downhill from there, I promised myself that I’d get my septum pierced if we broke up. Well, for a while longer we stayed together, but I still wanted my septum so I went and got it done anyway. Guess what happened after that? And like everyone else is saying, it was no big loss…in fact, it was liberating.

  7. besides all the relationship crap. Where is the sixth point?

    I count 5, but then again I cant see through the undies.

  8. shannon: 5 pointed star 😉

    jen: your star looks amazing (now). i’m sorry that douche bags are douche bags…. but we already talked about this.

  9. I’ve had people tell me “you know, if you go farther with this stuff [meaning mods and things] it’ll be a lot harder for you to find a boyfriend.”

    Um, yeah, because I really want to date someone who doesn’t love me for me. Thanks.

  10. It’s beginning to remind me of Maggie Simpson wearing her snow gear.

    God I spend to much time on here. Pictures of mods are now turning into those ink-blob psychology tests…

  11. im still not a fan of scarification..well…im still wary of it at least, it looks amazing when fresh, like the indonesian mask from the….wel, unbelieveable, but so much is lost through the healing….im considering a detailed scar over black tattoo, just to try and keep the detail…dont spose anyone has links to prove my fears wrong in the healed detail department?

  12. Well, fun(n)(k)y coincidence is that I just had ‘the talk’ with my man about suspension… It’s a long and winding road before you eventually get to that point where you both trust and respect each other and accept their choices in life. It sure as hell ain’t an easy one. I bet the scars will turn out nicely, and hopefully someone nice eventually will come around who is at least able to understand her choices, and perhaps is willing to share it with her.

  13. Agreed, if they can’t respect your choice as your own then they’re not worth it. Scarification is not some thing that I’m interested in for my self at this time, but by all means if my significant other was into it I would support them 100%. I often forget how square some people can be…

  14. I can KINDA understand the people who think it’s rude to get scars that imply some injury (like fake duelling scars) if you’re going to let people think that you’re tough for having the scars, or something along those lines. KINDA.

    But those sorts of complains about the scarification that’s OBVIOUSLY not an accident? The stylized stuff? Designs? Yeah… that’s just silly.

    The scarification handprint (or was that a brand?) that comes up on the title bar every so often is still one of my favorite pieces I’ve ever seen on this site.

  15. I, for one, love the implied sixth point, I was going to make a comment on it originally but somone beat me to it.

    As for the boyfriend/girlfriend problems, sadly I have had problems as well. I think my problem lies in that my piercings and tattoos are all hidden so straightlaced (read anti-mod) people are attracted to me until I take off my shirt (or pants). Wheras openly modded people don’t see me as a modded person in public because all my mods stay covered.

    Ok I’ll stop whining now.

  16. Thanks for your comments everyone. Though I just want to clear up a few things. Shannon is right, with most of his comments however the guy in question isn’t my boyfriend, nor was he. Just someone I’ve dated for a long time. I’m single. I’m not going to go into details but he’s now at the “I still don’t like them but if they make you happy” stage. I try to live my life one day at a time and take everything into consideration so, he and I are going to remain friends at the very least, even though some very smart friends of mine tell me otherwise.

    And Shannon, you are correct that the bottom point is implied. However it’s more of the points of an upright and inverted triangle than a star (at least in my head), which is why I didn’t want to connect the points. The upright representing male elements, the inverted representing female. I thought it only to be fitting that the bottom point to the “female” triangle was my vulva/vag.

  17. the first time I saw this in the galleries (or maybe it was IAM) I thought it was supposed to be a 5 point star that just didn’t line up when she stretched out for some reason, as soon as I saw “six point” I “got it” and now I love it! The implied V is awesome

  18. Maya, my mother tells me the same thing “No nice boy is going to want you if your covered in tattoos and piercings”
    “Ma their part of me, and they make you happy”
    and she generally sighs and we go on.
    Rather sad subject indeed, but congratulations to all the ones that find the match ^_^
    I do love the 6 pointed star skin removal, considering getting one done one of these days, possibly after I’ve gotten the current tattoos I want out of the way, closest thing I got currently is a self done heart cutting.

  19. Wow, I just wanted to say that at first, I wasn’t a huge fan of the six pointed star, but the owner’s description of the inverted and upright triangle – I love it! Especially with the male/female connotation, and the fact that the tip of the female/inverted triangle is your private parts is really …. nice? awesome? I don’t know the word, but I like it.

    And judgmental people can suck it.

  20. neat idea… although I’d like to see a healed version that has the camera backed out a little bit…

  21. i had the same problem with an ex, who said i wasnt allowed any scarification work. needless to say i am now much much happier with my current girlfriend, who is open minded, and doesnt tell me what i can or cant do:).

  22. I myself have scars that relate to accidental injury and I’m not in slightest bit insulted. I can perhaps understand that someone who has been injured and is struggling to deal with their scars, both physical and emotional, might find it hard to understand why someone would choose to scar themselves but I don’t think that generally people would insulted.

  23. well now that we’ve clarified the implied 6th point, you need to revamp your description. cause we all know it’s really a star of David and a tribute to your favorite jew (i.e. me)!!!

  24. I’ve found that my body modification has done a precious service to me in helping weed out who my real friends are =)

  25. The scarification suits her body very well. I don’t see how this can be controversial because she is scarring her own body. I think it’s a gorgeous piece.

    I know how it feels to be dumped because of your mods. My boyfriend of 2 years threatened to leave me if I got a corset piercing. I laughed in his face at his threat and got my piercings anyway. And guess what? He left. I never regretted anything and I’m actually pretty glad he’s gone. He never liked my piercings.

    Never let anyone make you compromise who you are! Despite what anyone says we are beautiful too!

  26. Oh, to fuck with him. That may be the dumbest reason for disliking scarwork I ever heard.
    I mean, don’t get me wrong, there’ll always be people who don’t like bodmods, and that’s their right; if you get any mods, you need to be aware that that makes your dating pool smaller, but I think that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. I don’t *want* to get together with someone who isn’t mod-positive, simple as that.

  27. i know what you meen Jen, my current g/f was scared of my mods tostart with but she has come (altho not fully)to accept them as me. My parents only know about my ears and nipps, which my father especialy gave me a hard time about, BUT they never said a word about my tats and mum loves my half sleeve work.
    Its a strage world

  28. What an eejit. Maybe he should ask someone who has accidental scars what they think before saying stupid stuff.

  29. **********sigh********* It was beautiful body are that reminded me of her toughness and desire to be beautiful in her own way.

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