A Knife in the Ear

Lane scalpels Greg’s* lobes.

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* – Who happens to be a piercing apprentice at Dragon FX in Alberta.

21 thoughts on “A Knife in the Ear

  1. Wow, it didn’t even bleed! I think that’s the cleanest, easiest ear scalpelling I’ve ever seen.

    And is that The Bravery I hear?

  2. Yeah, closing the clamps all the way down…definitely unnecessary and overly traumatic to the tissue.

  3. even if the clamps were locked, it was hard to see how far they were locked, or even if they had been locked they may have beeen altered to have elss pressure when closed.

  4. Appropriate song!

    Yeah so now I know I never want to scalpel…ever. Oh well, I like the fact I am au natural as far as my lobes go (with the amount of scalpeling these days it is becoming a rarity.)


    that should get the modblog and bmezine some more hits in the future. keep it up!

  6. Almost makes me want to get it done, I just cant stand the thought of scalpel+ear or any part of the body for that fact.
    I love the final comment in the video

  7. Double flared jewelry? I don’t think so.
    I can clearly see them putting on an o-ring afterwards…

  8. Why would it matter hot traumatic the clamps are on a piece of tissue that’s being removed?

  9. Roo “you rock man”, that was the perfect song. I would never place the instrument on tissue I wasn’t already removing. Locking it provided a firm hold while I was cutting around it. I’ll posted pictures this week of the progress, other than being a little dry they appear healed already.

  10. BlueStar, it was definitely not double flared jewelery. As cica said, you could clearly see him putting on an o-ring after scalpelling the second lobe.

    And, I loved this video ^^

  11. Hey thank you for posting this video of me getting my ears cut, just a few things i would like to clear up in the description, my name is Greg not Gary and I am a body piercer not a tattoo apprentice the like will take you to another guy named Greg that works @ Dragon FX who is a tattoo apprentice. Thank you and no it didn’t hurt!

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