Ok, this will fool people…

I don’t think most people will guess this one?

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91 thoughts on “Ok, this will fool people…

  1. i’m just curious as to why his ass-area is SO hairless, whereas everything else is not….at..all.

    very tricky shannon! never would’ve guessed it.

  2. Man, even after I clicked through I was still wrong! Didn’t notice it was a man until I read the comments.

  3. for a second i felt really good about how MY labia looked. i shouldn’t have compared them to a dudes asshole…

  4. Totally fooled me. Hmmm, not sure about the asshole but I keep looking at the thong thing.

  5. *scratches head* it actually took me a minute, and I still got it wrong… I swear that looks like a hermaphrodite to me though…

  6. Miss Me, I have to agree with you. With the anal hook where it belongs (and it isn’t in the same spot as the piercings) the owner must be a hermaphrodite.

  7. Labia, definitely. Wait.. Maybe a tongue? (Don’t question my thought process) I was wrong. Oops.

  8. never… the chance to get an infection is so incredible… but must be wonderfull if you go shittin…^^

  9. i only guessed right becuse the question is loaded, I know it’s not what it looks like. One day shannon will give us an easy one and eveybody will over think it.

  10. I got it right! But when I first clicked through I thought I was wrong for just a second.

  11. Oh I know I know! The small circular closeup says that it is someone’s tender bit(s).

  12. You got me that time; I thought it was a vulva for sure. I wonder how many elbows or lips or earlobes look like vagina’s etc. That would truly be a sight to behold;.

  13. Got it wrong.
    I was like “woah, that looks hot”, klicked throught, paused, surprised and then thought “Kind of the wrong hot than I thought, but def. hot” :-)

  14. besides being fooled. totally interesting with where the balls are and how they are being used, never would have thought of that.

  15. I knew it wasn’t gonna be a woman, the “Guess What” posts are almost always guys.

  16. well it looked like girl bits… but knowing Shannons taste… I knew it wouldn’t be… why’d I look?!

  17. Hmmm. I’d fuck that if it weren’t for that steel spike at the top. Don’t want an unintended piercing. But I do have to agree, that is the best justifiable use of the word, “Mangina” that I done ever have seen.

  18. Well, I don’t know. The hair is a little much and I like a little more pucker for the fucker when I get a boy’s pants off. But the hardware is really lovely. Surprisingly delicate.

  19. #59 – There is an entire book devoted to pictures of naughty bits that aren’t. Mostly it’s elbows and the like. I can’t recall the title now though… it made the news when a copy was found at Michael Jackson’s house, and some reports were “OMG he has porn in the bathroom where kids visit!!!1!!1!” and then were pwned when people pointed out what the book is.

    I’m mostly surprised that the inside of this guy’s rectum is so bright pink, almost purply. Male or female, most of those sort of bits I’ve seen have been more on the orange side of pink, or with brownish tones.

  20. Oh come on. Obvious Photoshop.

    Clue: ramming a giant hook up your arse does not make your sphincter magically sprout moist labia.

  21. if that “thong thing” is in the anus, and the piercings are on the front edge of the anus, that’s the longest asshole i’ve ever seen.

    so i still think i was right. labia. “mangina” indeed.

  22. I had to read the comments to realize it wasn’t labia..
    I know I’m not too observant, but there are balls present! Come on!
    I give up.

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